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Synonyms for capacity

Synonyms for capacity

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for capacity

capability to perform or produce


the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment

the amount that can be contained


the maximum production possible

Related Words

a specified function

(computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored

the power to learn or retain knowledge

tolerance for alcohol

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At first, the report begins with a brief introduction of the capacitive touch screen and its scope in the worldwide market.
The capacitive sensor market is estimated to reach USD 31.
Cypress's TrueTouch capacitive touchscreen offer waterproofing, noise immunity, passive stylus and glove-touch capabilities, as well as proximity sensing and face detection.
We firmly believe capacitive energy storage technology is essential to providing solutions that meet those energy-saving and environment-protection requirements.
In reality, the majority of mutual capacitive sensing solutions are only a single detection, self-sensing implementation applied to 8 x 8 wire arrangements.
This means users can mix-and-match controllers, demodulators and capacitive sensors to suit the application.
The demand for capacitive touch-sensing solutions has continued to grow quickly.
There has been a great deal of interest in the development of precise capacitive sensors in recent years.
On the other hand, Lava Iris 506Q flaunts a qHD capacitive display with 960x540p resolution and packs a 1.
In this paper, capacitive windows and inductive windows in the enclosure are considered as lumped elements, and their effects on shielding effectiveness are presented with the method of TLM.
Customized capacitive fluid-level sensors are a low-cost measuring solution with disposable sensors and reusable electronic circuitry.
According to the NPD DisplaySearch Touch Panel Market Analysis, growing popularity of projected capacitive touch technology among cellphone brands is propelling the technology into the mainstream, estimating over 566 million projected capacitive touch screens will ship for mobile phone application in 2012.
It does work, though, with other capacitive touchscreen devices, such as the Acer Iconia, below.
The Barcelona model has a capacitive touchscreen that features gesture recognition technology, as well as a QWERTY keyboard and 3.
The idea is to bring the same sensation with both sound--and potentially haptic--feedback for more capacitive, or responsive, interior controls with an eye toward reducing driver distraction.