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Synonyms for capacity

Synonyms for capacity

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for capacity

capability to perform or produce


the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment

the amount that can be contained


the maximum production possible

Related Words

a specified function

(computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored

the power to learn or retain knowledge

tolerance for alcohol

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(2003) Transient receptor potential channel activation causes a novel form of [[Ca.sub.2+]]i oscillations and is not involved in capacitative [Ca.sub.2+] entry in glial cells.
Wang et al., "EGF stimulates growth by enhancing capacitative calcium entry in corneal epithelial cells," Journal of Membrane Biology, vol.
Thus, our findings show that [beta]-citronellol can also inhibit smooth-muscle contractions evoked by capacitative [Ca.sup.2+] entry.
Moreover, the agonist-induced release of calcium from internal stores triggers a capacitative influx of extracellular [Ca.sup.2+] across the plasma membrane.
(2001) 2-Aminoethoxydiphenyl borate (2-APB) inhibits capacitative calcium entry independently of the function of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors.
"But as conversations progressed, we talked about other products such as capacitative liquid level sensors, which have no moving parts and so are highly reliable.
Once the update is complete, customers can view the new on screen menus by simply swiping their finger up from the bottom of the capacitative touch screen.
have shown a relationship of the acute phase of HPV in the isolated rat artery to capacitative [Ca.sup.2+] entry from thapsigargin sensitive [Ca.sup.2+] stores and a link between the sustained phase of HPV to influx of [Ca.sup.2+] through voltage independent [Ca.sup.2+] channels.
The Aakash 4 will come with 7-inch scratch resistant capacitative touch screen, 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, 4GB internal storage, external memory card slot with storage capacity of up to 32 GB, front camera and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
This may compensate for a downregulation of capacitative [Ca.sup.2+] uptake via store-operated channels, Socs [23], as will be described below.
TMBIM4 encodes transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif containing 4, which inhibits apoptosis induced by intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli and modulates both capacitative [Ca.sup.2+] entry and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3)-mediated [Ca.sup.2+] release [40].
Berridge, "Capacitative calcium entry," Biochemical Journal, vol.
Equivalently-stated, the power factor (= cos[theta]), where [theta] is the phase angle between the current and the voltage must ideally equal 1 or the net capacitative reactance of the circuit cancels the net inductive reactance.
The 11.6-inch capacitative touchscreen (HD resolution of 1366x768) lets you take advantage of Windows 8 as well.
Its stunning GPU and motion sensor gaming system, workable through the PS4 Eye, is enhanced by built-in speakers and the Dualshock 4 controller's capacitative touchpad.