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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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She said they work closely in capacitating local unemployed youth in relevant skills programs.
The World Bank is providing help in the form of 'giving assistance in capacitating our local governments, especially in the far-flung provinces to help in putting up (the PPP) projects.
We are capacitating barangay officials to help us in our advocacy promoting safety and health in workplaces, Soriano said.
It's not focused on a particular incident but rather capacitating our armed forces to deal with a whole lot of exigencies, said Vice Admiral Alexander Lopez, Western Command chief and exercise director for the Philippine side of the Balikatan 2016, in a press briefing at Camp Aguinaldo on Monday.
She also said that the provincial government of Capiz is also doing its share in capacitating the people to become ready and disaster resilient.
We are capacitating the children to become future leaders of our country.
The visit seeks to respond to service delivery challenges experienced by citizens through capacitating government institutions with the requisite skills and information to improve the level of service delivery quality.
Through capacitating these stakeholders, the DSWD aims to replicate its mandate and increase the number of institutions that are able to respond to the special concerns of the PWDs.