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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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Consequently, a divorce decree was obtained by them making the said Japanese national no longer married to Petitioner, capacitating the said Japanese to remarry.
He noted that the ministry was in the past not adhering to the recommended pupil-teacher ratio as well as capacitating teachers.
The World Bank is providing help in the form of 'giving assistance in capacitating our local governments, especially in the far-flung provinces to help in putting up (the PPP) projects.'
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi says government is making progress in capacitating tribal administration.
"We are capacitating the children to become future leaders of our country.
The AECB chairperson, Mr Kabo Ngwanathebe said in an interview on July 6 that the meeting was aimed at, among others, capacitating association members on the operations of the organisation, discussion of action plan and linkages AECB had with other Non-Governmental Organisations.
Mr Goya stated that his ministry was capacitating teachers, school managers and PTA's to empower them to be able to identify drugs and carry out screening and carry out basic counseling of drug in the users and support crisis management in relation to drug use.
Workshops and exchange programmes also play a critical role in capacitating teachers, he added.