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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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He then extended this result to non-uniform soft capacitated variant of the problem in [13] and gave an (0(1/[[epsilon].sup.2] log(1/[epsilon]))) approximation factor bounding softness by a factor of 2.
(2008) demonstrated no significant effects of leptin incubation on motility, and percentage of capacitated and acrosome reacted sperm after leptin incubation (13).
An in vitro assay system was optimized to study binding of capacitated human sperm to ZP3 coated beads.
(Sridharan, 1995) presents a survey of research conducted in capacitated plants up to 1995.
She, therefore, said school heads were capacitated under 10 modules, which were designed specifically for them and tested in phases.
Meanwhile, the garden coordinators were capacitated on nursery establishment and seedling management, garden management, and seed production and storage.
The term 'capacitated' in the provision (in the first paragraph of the law) refers to the legal capacity of a party to contract marriage, i.e., any 'male or female of the age of eighteen years or upwards not under any of the impediments mentioned in Articles 37 and 38' of the Code.
The authors have organized the chapters that make up the main body of their text in nine parts devoted to a review of the existing literature, bi-objective capacitated supply chain networks, multiple measures driven capacitated multi-echelon supply chain networks, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Also, media needs to be continuously updated on issues and capacitated to link climate change issues with the development issues like access to energy, clean and affordable energy to make an economic case."
They said that many women entrepreneurs have been capacitated through trainings led by local and international experts in developing creativity in the last three years.
Some specific topics explored are cost estimation in a capacitated environment, RFID data management, collecting consumer behavior data with WLAN, and a comparison of information technology in supply chains in the US beef and food industries.
Platt and his colleagues used laboratory mice, and compared the extent of phosphorylation in both capacitated and non-capacitated sperm samples.
Currently, the minister said the maternity ward was effective and well capacitated with skilled human resource and necessary commodities to provide the service, adding that his ministry in partnership with Debswana were facilitating construction of a maternity ward within the hospital.