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Within the developed MATLAB modeling environment, the two-dimensional grid of brick thermal capacitance nodes can be easily adjusted by specifying how many rows and columns of brick nodes will be used.
Caption: Figure 6: Microstructure of the coating under different capacitances. (a) 1st grade.
Where, a unit of [V.sub.ab_a] is dBuV, and [C.sub.ae_a] and [C.sub.ab_a] are parasitic capacitances between the antenna and the earth, and between the antenna and the automobile body, respectively.
Therefore, determination of an appropriate capacitance is the most important issue in case of possible frequency and voltage fluctuations resulting from the SEIG operation that determines its own frequency and voltage.
Parallel-plate capacitors are formed from two conductive plates separated by a dielectric with capacitance:
For self capacitive sensing arrangements, capacitance is formed between the sensor pad and the ground.
To conclude the relationship between the short-circuit capacitances and the two-terminal capacitances as:
ABSTRACT: This paper describes an investigation into the effects of the temperature variations on capacitance measurements of the different chemical liquids using the charge and discharge method in a cylindrical capacitive sensor system.
From [5] we get to know about Miller's effect and about replacing bridging capacitances with a single capacitance.
At lower microwave frequencies, when the diode is not yet conducting, the equivalent circuit of the diode can be reduced to a "[pi]" network of capacitances [18], formed by the total capacitance [C.sub.T] and small parasitic capacitances to the ground.
Theory of capacitive switch, design of the band-pass filter consisting of a third-order 3dB ripple Chebyshev low-pass filter and series capacitances are described in Section 2.
For the remainder of frequencies, the low impedance between power and ground must be provided by the board and chip capacitances.
As was said in Part 1, EIS can quantitatively measure both resistances and capacitances in the electrochemical cell.
In this paper, the Newton interpolation method (NIM) is proposed to reduce the effect of noise in both the capacitance gradient determination and cantilever calibration.