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Samples with smaller particle sizes had lower temperatures at peak capacitance than those containing larger particles, with peak temperatures ranging from 30.
The each parasitic capacitance value would also differ between the two test systems since the fuel pump system was set differently in these test systems.
The only way to separate the contributions of the nonlinearities of the capacitance towards bulk and source is to model the bulk as a separate terminal.
The time (t), to charge the capacitance (C) until the voltage reaches to Vt, is changed by the amount of C.
Initial experiments indicated that the measured capacitance values are very sensitive to the liquid temperature and this led us to study of the temperature dependence.
Due to finite impedance, the high impedance transmission line would introduce certain amount of shunt capacitance, and reduce the required amount shunt capacitance.
Capacitance gauges have been used for years to control thickness of "plain vanilla" polyethylene films, but they have several disadvantages with other film types.
This will lead to improvements in the capacitance calibration services at NIST by a factor of three or four.
Typical specifications for the CWR09 and CWR11 series include capacitance range up to 470 [micro]F.
For insulation, circuit fabricators need a low-k material because charge storage, or capacitance, between wires slows signals.
Specifically, a peak on the crosslink density curve (inverse capacitance curve) is an indicator of complete cure under the sensor window.
There are many parameters available for study such as impedance (loaded and unloaded), capacitance, inductance, attenuation, dielectric, propagation delay, insulation, skew, single-ended, differential, length, shielding, crosstalk near end, and crosstalk far end.
ECM C2006 with capacitance density of 20 nF per square inch now available for high-volume manufacturing --