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Synonyms for capaciousness

intellectual breadth

spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building)

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Perhaps the frame of the short story makes things more intensely perceived than the capaciousness of a novel does.
On account of its strong power, cross-country ability, capaciousness and comfort as well as good cargo and passenger carrying functions, SUV has become the main force for automobile market growth in recent years.
may first want to expand our sense of its structural capaciousness,
I do not think Romanticism and the Human Sciences ultimately arrives at a consistent or explicit development of its many suggestive formulations, but its capaciousness and its complexity make it a more intriguing work than it would have been had its multiple points of emphasis been sacrificed to a narrower argument.
Lazarescu--world-weary humanism, dark humor, stylized verism, the unassuming capaciousness of a down-home comedie humaine--that the two directors have been enlisted as the twin standard-bearers for what critics have christened the Romanian New Wave.
Writing about cultural metaphors like the bard, about archaeological fragments excavated from Irish bogs, or about narrative genres or texts, she highlights the ideological capaciousness that allows each object to be read and recirculated from diverse competing perspectives.
What gives this structure plasticity, however--what makes it attractive to thinkers as far apart as Rousseau and Mill(20)--is the capaciousness of the concept of popular will.
If Williamson were a novelist, his prose would no doubt be called "poetic" for its sensuous detail; as a poet, his style has the capaciousness and flexibility of prose.
In its range and capaciousness this anthology outdoes any other attempt to revise the canon without imposing a new curriculum on either professor or student.
6) Encountering Castle's retrospective within the confines of an encyclopedic museum reminds us of the capaciousness of the contemporary eye.
Epics have been the repository of the "total knowledge" of a culture - in Scott's work, the epic shows the capaciousness to pursue the causes of disaster, and the moral intensity to make accusations without shirking its author's and its audience's complicity with the accused.
And we may recall, from our earlier discussion of the usefulness of "striking" to both thinkers, Wordsworth's co-relative discussion of the way in which exterior space is made interior as the capaciousness of external objects becomes the capaciousness of the mind.
been invented), but focuses on the capaciousness and safeguards uniquely
Likewise, Kilimnik's work relishes substitutes and vague approximations not to gesture archly toward the old rubrics of high versus low or the simulated versus the real, but to explore the capaciousness and adaptability of the stuff packed into the cultural landfill site we inhabit right now.
This is a brilliant demonstration of close reading, and Orgel uses it to make a pitch for recognizing the representational capaciousness of images: "beyond the silent woman lies the vengeful fury, beyond Caritas lies inhumanity, behind all of these lies the unspoken.