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Synonyms for capaciousness

intellectual breadth

spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building)

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Likewise, I would suggest that categorizing Gray's poetry as a failed precursor or as an inanimate incubator for later texts limits scholarly appreciation for the capaciousness of his historical thinking, reinforcing, rather than troubling, Gray's persona as "the pensive poet" (Sharp 24), concerned only with other-worldly ideas, and removed from the high political debates of the Augustans.
Each previous edition has its particular strengths, and Fernald's surely lies in the capaciousness of her annotations, the section of the edition many readers will turn to most frequently, after the main text of the novel itself.
Kaye notes the improvisational nature of many New Deal programs and, also, their capaciousness.
The capaciousness of his use of "republican" is evident in the book's opening epigram--a quote from Machiavelli's The Prince.
Thus, foregrounding the heteroglossic and simultextual capaciousness of Shadd Cary's editorship and political writing reframes prior positioning of Shadd Cary as anomalous in her discursive convergence from the many Black women writers who confronted their audiences "within the constraints of nineteenth-century gender etiquette.
On the basis of both its trenchancy and capaciousness, I heartily recommend Post- and Transhumanism to scholars, students, and interested general readers.
My reading is true to the Declaration in seeking to probe the contours of the space it provides for religious compromise, and testing that space for capaciousness.
others on them and by the capaciousness of the terms "infant"
Sustainability thus acquires a surprising capaciousness, starting with the design of waste management systems but quickly expanding to include the production of a healthy, peaceful future community.
The author notes the capaciousness and plasticity in Quebecois, adaptation, and Shakespeare, the three terms that establish a foundation for her book.
Its sheer capaciousness is a given and, if space matters, the Mondeo estate more than justifies itself with nearly 1,700-litres of cargo volume when you fold the back seats flat.
Here we witness first-hand the power of the hold that ceramics has on us, testimony to its amazing elasticity, its knack for self-renewal, its capaciousness.
Its sheer capaciousness is a given and, if space matters, the Mondeo estate more than justies itself with nearly 1700-litres of cargo volume when you fold the back seats at.