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Synonyms for capacious

Synonyms for capacious

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

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large in capacity

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As explained above, the more capaciously that "federal law" is defined, the more possible it becomes that state and local laws will preemptively conflict with the law on the books or the law in action.
defined the term "case" capaciously enough to include ex parte
Likewise, research is much more capaciously defined as a more sustained and complex exercise, and students are positioned as agents who can conduct such research.
If capaciously conceived, the category of such moments involving flummoxed readers as well as things that are "hard .
For if we apply the points I have extracted from Osborne's narrative to the case of intangible cultural heritage, the implication is that whilst analysing its strategic uses and policies as an instrument of govemmentality, what we might do as well, at the same time, is to ensure that we capaciously interrogate, in a number of different ways, the heritage of intangible cultural heritage itself.
A moral lightning bolt, the book was a capaciously thorough investigation of the forced labor camp system and a systematic indictment of the totalitarian force that underpinned the entire Soviet project.
These documents will often be formulated quite capaciously in order to obtain agreement, and it is not clear that they are regularly used.
By insisting that family dynamics are not only sociopolitical but also economic, Ingratitude situates original rereadings of canonical works alongside innovative considerations of contemporary texts, creating in the process a debt-driven frame that is capaciously applicable to the larger field of ethnic American literary studies.
While Voss's book evidences certain weaknesses--his chapter on "the gay subtext of Capote's novel" would benefit from the updated paradigms and language of more recent scholarship in gay and lesbian literary studies, for instance--his book capaciously surveys and extends Capote scholarship in vivid, accessible prose.
While this task has become impossible to complete in the encyclopedic model that Kim's 1982 study adopted, given the explosion of literary production in the past few decades, what is notable here is the number and range of examples Song offers as part of his attempt to read as capaciously as possible.
We can understand the development of this framework more capaciously by drawing on Michel Foucault's series of distinctions between liberalism and neo-liberalism in his prescient 1978-9 College de France lecture series (which forms the backdrop to his account of biopolitics, published in French in 2004 and English in 2008).
See JOHN HART ELY, DEMOCRACY AND DISTRUST 87 (1980) (arguing for a "participation-oriented, representation-reinforcing approach to judicial review" that reflects the fact that, in the Constitution, "the selection and accommodation of substantive values is left almost exclusively to the political process and instead the document is overwhelmingly concerned, on the one hand, with procedural fairness in the resolution of individual disputes (process writ small), and on the other, with what might capaciously be designated process writ large.
For this discussion, I propose that we use the term "ritual" most capaciously, so that it could include simple or elaborate ceremonies; objects; or the written words, music, and gestures of liturgies.
206) Using the label conservative capaciously to include conservatives and libertarians.
Arguably, one could think about health being capaciously inclusive, including structural and moral aspects, but this understanding would still clash with the nonhealth-based moral absolutes of opponents of abortion.