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The choruses in the Messiah are interspersed with many recitatives and arias, and these were capably handled by the evening's soloists.
But Cork also had to deal with the sending off of Alan O'Connor on the half-hour mark - and they did so capably to record an impressive five-point triumph.
Rhys Weston has switched across from rightback into the centre quite capably at times but manager Chris Hutchings has wasted no time in trying to line up a loan signing.
When County broke back, Rowe got in another good drive, but it was dealt with capably by Randolph.
Snell reads this trio of quiet intertwined tales in a lyrical, gentle voice, capably incorporating a variety of tones, accents, and genders.
Along with Sandra Horst's characteristically splendid chorus, the production also featured a vocally strong, if dramatically fussy, Sacristan in bass Robert Pomakov, with the supporting roles of Angelotti, Spoletta, Scarrione and a Shepherd Boy capably taken by Andrew Stuart, John Kriter, Jon-Paul Decosse and Dov Houle.
Tony Crimes, Open Award Centre Senior Support Worker, said: "I am very proud of the young people who, although cold, managed very capably to pitch tents and perform all the camp craft requirements without any complaint - they have earned their certification and will go on to complete the qualifying expedition in better conditions before the end of the summer".
The matter is being dealt with capably by the Honduran Police, therefore Wilson is staying in the UK in the hope that his 15-year-old brother, Edwin Rene, will be returned to his family soon.
Winning manager Philip Bell (pictured) left the store and the Somerfield company just before Christmas, but the Hale branch is being capably led by temporary manager Mike Davis, who has only been in charge for two weeks.
Despite the perils of handling Freon (and some newer substitute refrigerants), recyclers still can capably handle the stream of end-of-life refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners and ensure the metals find a home in a mill or foundry.
Desperate Crossing'' capably essays the miserable trek of the Pilgrims -- 7/8 who opted to seek their freedom in North America at a time when only 2,000 Europeans dwelled there -- on the Mayflower.
Phillips has capably demonstrated the extent to which American government both resembles and represents its polity.
I know Director Pitts and Director-elect Hallbauer will serve capably.
Some of the key roles--such as Ben Sliney, head of the FAA's national command center--were capably performed by the actual people, none of whom had any previous acting experience.
Tell It On The Mountain: The Daughter Of Jephtah In Judges 11 capably written by Barbara Miller and professionally edited by Barbara Green, is the remarkable study of Jephthah, a judge of Israel, who resorts to God for assistance in defeating the Ammonites.