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a threaded screw for machine parts

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Using super glue, glue the hex nut cap screw in the center, with the end pointing up.
I'm planning to re-pin the forend cap screw in the action tube and TIG weld on the action bar lock to close that gap.
Apply one drop of Locktite[R] to the threads of the cap screw (8).
These thrust screws come in both threaded, and set screw type and headed, socket head cap screw type.
A socket head cap screw passes through a clearance hole in the solid hub to the transverse wedge to clamp the shaft securely; the screw can be tightened and released repeatedly without marring shaft or affecting torque transmission.
A single cap screw inside the drum assembly holds the clutch engaged during everyday operation.
Add two new flat washers, NSN 5310-01-566-5242, to each cap screw. These washers are black and thicker than the old yellow washers
Apply one drop of Locktite to the threads of the cap screw (8).
If you use a hammer to knock it out of the top cover assembly, you could damage the area in the cap screw where the hex head fits.
It's not so easy to check the cap screw in the hub.