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an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products

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Cette progression resulte notamment de la hausse de 1,5 pc dans le "Raffinage de petrole" et de 0,3 pc dans la "fabrication de machines d'equipements" et dans le "travail des metaux", et d'une baisse de 0,1 pc dans la "fabrication du caoutchouc et des plastiques", explique une note du HCP relative a l'indice des prix a la production industrielle, energetique et miniere (IPPIEM) du mois de juin.
Organized by Association Francaise des Ingenieurs et Cadres du Caoutchouc et des Polymeres, IRC 2013 attracted global attendees from various rubber industry sectors, including automotive, chemical, aeronautics, industrial equipment, medical, pharmaceutical, arms, naval construction, leisure, sports and others.
*La police a nie l'utilisation d'une arme a feu ou des balles en caoutchouc pour disperser une manifestation d'Um Dom *el-Bechir appelle a elever la representation de l'Afrique dans les institutions internationales.
(50) Castoriadis spoke of Althusser's crises' and argued that the French philosopher Louis Althusser clearly reproduces the 'Stalinist and neo-Stalinist industry of mystification' by producing theoretically a 'patchwork' and using a 'language of caoutchouc', where the final outcome is distorted because of the fact that his premises are full of elements of truth, half-truths or downright lies.
Strap: natural rubber, caoutchouc featuring bold cut signature Tiret "T;" adjustable belt buckle closure.
Antoine overcame this problem by the use of his patented caoutchouc buffer, a moveable, Gutta Percha (an early form of industrial rubber) sleeve fitted to the front of the bolt.
Director of Roads Complementary Works Department at GAM, Engineer Amjad Ayoub, pointed out that the water flow on houses in Um Al Basateen region was caused by the water amount running in a natural stream which carried some residuals as trees and caoutchouc (rubber), closing the water boxes, which eventually caused the water fluid.
Indians are said to be the first who used this white milky-like extract to make caoutchouc, the native name for rubbers, to erase marks, lines and drawings drawn on their wooden weapons.
Iran has also imported certain Malaysian goods and products including palm oil, chemical products, caoutchouc, industrial products and foodstuffs.
Driving further, after a couple of hundred kilometres through the green hell of the jungle, the Bolivian border town of Rio Branco appears, one of the most remote settlements within the Amazon region and the hometown of legendary caoutchouc workers' leader Chico Mendes.
Processors of heat sensitive products such as polymers, caoutchouc, elastomers and foodstuffs now have the option for cryogenic ultra-fine grinding with a milling system incorporating the proven capabilities of the Hosokawa Alpine Contraplex 160C, a contra-rotating pin mill, available from Hosokawa Micron Ltd.
Among these works is L'Homme aux sandales de caoutchouc (1970; "The Man in the Rubber Sandals"), the Vietnamese hero of which is Ho Chi Minh.