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an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products

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Heat from repeated firings--or cold weather--caused the caoutchouc buffer to lose its elasticity, with resulting gas leakage around the breech.
However, the natural state of caoutchouc, or raw rubber, is exactly the opposite of elastic.
Indians are said to be the first who used this white milky-like extract to make caoutchouc, the native name for rubbers, to erase marks, lines and drawings drawn on their wooden weapons.
Iran has also imported certain Malaysian goods and products including palm oil, chemical products, caoutchouc, industrial products and foodstuffs.
Chaque menagere a du economiser, recycler, rationner, garder, separer et envoyer au gouvernement le gras, le caoutchouc, le verre, etc.
Driving further, after a couple of hundred kilometres through the green hell of the jungle, the Bolivian border town of Rio Branco appears, one of the most remote settlements within the Amazon region and the hometown of legendary caoutchouc workers' leader Chico Mendes.
Cinq secteurs d'activite ont ete retenus : (1) fabrication de produits en plastique et en caoutchouc, (2) fabrication de produits metalliques et machinerie, (3) fabrication de produits informatiques et electroniques, (4) fabrication de materiel, d'appareils et de composants electriques et (5) fabrication de materiel de transport.
Si je m'amene la dans mes gougounes japonaises en caoutchouc de Hong-Kong etiquetees Kresge, ca risque d'influencer a jamais leurs jugements sur mes oeuvres.
On a etudie dans ce travail l'effet de l'ajout de caoutchouc sur les proprietes du nylon 66 renforce de fibre de verre.
Neanmoins, dans certains pays, notamment au Cambodge et en Chine, on a ajoute aux preservatifs des << perles >>, des clous en caoutchouc ou meme des crins qui sont douloureux et dangereux pour le partenaire, blessant le vagin et l'anus.
Then, just as he would pityingly teach Your body to repair maltreatment, give Advice that you should make those stumps to stir With artificial hands of caoutchouc, So would he soon supply your crippled soul With crutches, from his own intelligence, Able to help you onward in the path Of rectitude whereto your face is set.
Processors of heat sensitive products such as polymers, caoutchouc, elastomers and foodstuffs now have the option for cryogenic ultra-fine grinding with a milling system incorporating the proven capabilities of the Hosokawa Alpine Contraplex 160C, a contra-rotating pin mill, available from Hosokawa Micron Ltd.
59) Un seul cas d'exportation illicite de caoutchouc et palo de mora est rapporte en 1869.
proteins, acids, salts, sugars and caoutchouc, a substance used as a
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