canyon live oak

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medium-sized evergreen of southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico with oblong leathery often spiny-edged leaves

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The Canyon Live Oaks that I see when I hike in the Santa Ynez Mountains, for instance, share a root with White Oaks growing in the Midwest, but they're very, very different trees--small leaves, dense branches, lower to the ground than those to which I am accustomed.
The bases of Yosemite Valley's granite walls are good places to find thick stands of canyon live oak and some interior live oak.
Four other new champions topped the 500-point mark: in California, a bluegum eucalyptus owned by Clint Eastwood (629 points--see Register, page 14), canyon live oak (548 points), and California red fir (547 points), and in Washington, a Western hemlock (545 points).
About 100 species of plants are affected, including tan oaks, coast live oaks, California black oaks, and canyon live oaks. "This is the most aggressive forest disease in the world; it is the No.
The students, mostly 10th graders from Benjamin Franklin High School in Los Angeles, worked side-by-side with officials from furniture company IKEA to put in 950 native seedlings--coast and canyon live oaks, California walnut, big cone Douglas-fir, and more.