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Synonyms for canvasser

a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes

someone who conducts surveys of public opinion

a person who takes or counts votes

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Brandon Elias, Elizabeth Henry and Scott Zinovoy have all been promoted from Canvasser to Associate.
At the moment Susan is part of a seven-strong Classified team which needs bringing back up to full strength with seven canvassers and one Field Sales Motors representative
All 2011 canvassers wear photo identification badges and will never ask for money, bank details or to enter a property.
The comic, drawn by syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight, illustrates the anecdote, and like the baffled canvasser, many students at Montclair State were taken aback by the use of the slur, according to the Star-Ledger of Newark.
But a Conservative party source denied the claims saying: "The canvassers avoided his door because he was already down as a possible supporter.
The assaulted canvasser, who is in his 20s, did not need hospital treatment after the incident but was said to be shaken up.
Consequently, in time, skillful and prolific fundraising can develop into a dangerous addiction to the canvasser. No matter what our individual motivations to canvass are, in the midst of group activist fervor money will often become the focus, the political event that we generate and nourish.
Teesside Crown Court heard that Luke Murphy was the team leader of a group of canvassers for So Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms and Duane Humphreys was working with the business on a two-week trial basis.
WORKING George Wanless is pounding the streets and talking to potential customers as a door-to-door sales canvasser - despite being 80 years old
It is bad enough to have a canvasser knock on your door at 7.30pm, but this gentleman was extremely pushy and would not take no for an answer.
Mr Richards, 6i, who was formerly Clwyd West MP and a North Wales AM, was accused of trying to attack the canvasser going door-to-door near his home in Cardiff on Wednesday night.
Canvasser: Excuse me, sir can I ask you: do you ever tell fibs?
However, just weeks after he started as office leasing canvasser with Julien Studley, Von Ancken was called to active duty by the U.S.
But there's no guarantee, especially in an election as fiercely contested as this, that all ballots will be properly handled - or that a misguided canvasser will not succumb to temptation.
If he approves the scheme, the bonus will be paid at pounds 10 for every 1percent increase in the response rate a canvasser gets on a particular round.