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Synonyms for canvasser

a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes

someone who conducts surveys of public opinion

a person who takes or counts votes

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But the authority is having trouble recruiting canvassers - last year, it could cover only half the necessary rounds and 33,623 homes were missed out.
I understand that canvassers have to earn a living and are paid on a commission basis, but surely the power companies are making enough money out of us to not have to use these kinds of aggressive sales techniques.
The report also says canvassers have come in for increasing levels of physical and verbal abuse.
Former Clwyd West MP Rod Richards has been cautioned by police for common assault after an incident involving a Conservative Party canvasser
The dutiful canvasser asked them what they thought of the services provided in their area.
TELESALES Canvasser Susan Wilkinson has worked at the Examiner for 15 months and loves every minute of her job.
As a sales adviser you will be responsible for guiding our existing customers on the best ways to advertise within our broad portfolio of products, and as a new business canvasser you will be responsible for generating new business.
Mrs Wainwright was well-known in the constituency as a vigorous canvasser.
The door-to-door canvasser, claiming to be an 'energy advisor' for Scottish Power, targeted homes in Fartown.
DUP canvasser Thomas Jackson admitted the party's campaigners have been getting some "stick" on the doors.
Mother-of-two Clare Preece, 26, from Lower houses, says a canvasser for the company tried to adjust her meter to cut the price of her gas.
Ross has quickly risen through the ranks at RKF, having begun his career with RKF in 2007 as a college intern and then a canvasser.
Set in Dublin over the course of a single day, it tells the interlocking stories of young teacher and would-be writer Stephen Dedalus, middle-aged advertising canvasser Leopold Bloom and his wife Molly.
Boad, a canvasser from The Green, Usworth, Washington, sped away but was arrested later the same night.
A canvasser might knock on someone's door just to make sure if there is a guest house at a property.