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North American wild duck valued for sport and food

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Hydrilla control on Lake Wales, Florida, led to reduced ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris) and canvasback (Aythya valisineria) use of the lake (6).
These bulrush decoys were painted black and reddish brown to simulate the colors of the canvasback.
Canvasbacks arriving in early November concentrate on Lake Mattamuskeet, where they eat exclusively the below-ground winter buds of Vallisneria.
THE THREE BIG CANVASBACK drakes soared in like cruise missiles from the left, rounding the corner of trees, catching our small group by surprise as they swooped and then lifted high, too far out at first anyway.
By the time one reaches Panama City and Pensacola, canvasbacks are seriously in play, and those ducks are daymakers for inland water-fowlers.
Our host had told us of late October cold snaps that brought vast rafts of canvasbacks, but they were the only species in short supply during our warm and pleasant stay.
Globally significant populations of waterfowl, such as canvasbacks, common mergansers, common goldeneyes and other diving ducks, can also be seen here each winter.
The vast marshes on the Louisiana coast are critical wintering areas for pintails, gadwalls, teal and wigeon, with large concentrations of diving ducks such as blue-bills, redheads and canvasbacks rafting farther out.
Ducks: While the general duck hunting season is again expected to be a full 107 days (with the state again split into two zones) there will be a 60-day subseason on canvasbacks.
Duck hunters will see similar regulations as in recent years for most species, but the season for pintails will be more restricted and the canvasbacks season will be closed, according to a new U.
We were hoping to add canvasbacks or scaup to the list but only a single hen bluebill gave us a shot, which we capitalized on, a long poke at the edge of our guns' capabilities.
It's unknown how many birds -- which also included such species as scaup, canvasbacks and grebes -- migrated elsewhere and how many died.
FA Brand Gunners HD decoy line improves with the introduction of green-winged teal, canvasbacks and field mallard shells.
Most notable, however, is the increase in canvasbacks from 488,000 birds in 2008 to 662,000 this year.
Pintails and canvasbacks, however, may be taken only Oct.