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North American wild duck valued for sport and food

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These bulrush decoys were painted black and reddish brown to simulate the colors of the canvasback. Many had white feathers attached to the sides with fine cord or Indian hemp.
Canvasbacks arriving in early November concentrate on Lake Mattamuskeet, where they eat exclusively the below-ground winter buds of Vallisneria.
Our host had told us of late October cold snaps that brought vast rafts of canvasbacks, but they were the only species in short supply during our warm and pleasant stay.
For the next few hours flocks of Canada geese, mallards, black ducks and canvasbacks, plus the occasional bufflehead and bluebill and gadwall, keep our attention.
Two, West Coast duck hunting primarily consists of divers in open water--redheads, bluebills and buffleheads the most likely game with canvasbacks and the merganser species rounding out the roster.
It's unknown how many birds -- which also included such species as scaup, canvasbacks and grebes -- migrated elsewhere and how many died.
FA Brand Gunners HD decoy line improves with the introduction of green-winged teal, canvasbacks and field mallard shells.
Most notable, however, is the increase in canvasbacks from 488,000 birds in 2008 to 662,000 this year.
Hunters target Canadas, mallards and pintails in the surrounding croplands or shoot divers, including bluebills, canvasbacks and redheads, from the shores and islands.
Without the limitations of traditional stationary traps, which generally caught only mallards, blacks and wood ducks, airboat crews have been able to travel rapidly at the most opportune times to the Ipswich River in Topsfield one night - and 120 miles away on the Housatonic the next capturing blue-winged and green-winged teal, wigeon, pintail, hooded mergansers, coot, canvasbacks, ringnecks, rails and even herons and grebes.
Then there's fifty G&H super-meg bluebills and fifty G&H super-meg canvasbacks. This rig was part of that learning process."
The season also brings a host of migrating waterfowl to Vischer Ferry, such as blue-winged and green-winged teal, coots, shovelers, black ducks and canvasbacks. Geese and swans grace the Mohawk River, and marsh-loving red-winged blackbirds and swamp sparrows are also abundant.
Falmouth has had both American and Eurasian wigeon this winter, as well as canvasbacks, redheads, greater scaup, harlequins, and Barrow's goldeneyes.
For the diver fanatic, there are plenty of canvasbacks, redheads, bufflehead and fuddles.