canvasback duck

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North American wild duck valued for sport and food

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The Upper Bay Museum: Located in North East, displays thousands of waterfowl hunting tools including a rare double sink box and a fully outfitted bushwacking boat filled with original wooden canvasback duck decoys.
While the duck-hunting season will remain on the liberal end of the spectrum, with a 107-day season, waterfowlers will not be allowed to take any canvasback ducks this season.
More than a dozen different types of wildlife have been spotted in and around the Ford Rouge Center including: deer, fox, mallard and canvasback ducks and rabbits.
IN THE LATE 1800s, MILLIONS OF canvasback ducks would show up on the Chesapeake Bay each fall and spend the winter months gorging themselves on root stalks, tubers and stems of submerged aquatic vegetation.
Duck and goose hunting should be good in Northwest Oregon, as strong fall flight forecasts - combined with expanding resident waterfowl populations - led waterfowl managers to again provide the liberal season lengths and bag limits, except for restrictions on pintails, hen mallards, redhead, scaup and canvasback ducks.