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Often we were putting up the massive canvas tent in early evening and then scrambling to get supper cooked before it became dark.
A canvas tent developed by using modern technology of IIT Roorkee would be bought this time for ` 11.
If you find a quality canvas tent, you've found the only tent you'll ever need for recreational camping.
Not to be outdone by the rainfall, harsh winds ripped apart a sturdy canvas tent on the property of Everlast Nursery as if it were a bed sheet, nursery owner Levon Kachadoorian said.
Not the kind of camping you do today, with all the high-tech gear and comfortable equipment, but the kind with the heavy canvas tent that you swore weighed 200 pounds and took four adults almost an hour to set up
One year my dad worked in the hamburger kitchen under a great big canvas tent held up with cedar poles and ropes.
Contract awarded for Pvc canvas tent rental 100% waterproof white 10x5 mts of three walls that may take including transportation armed and withdrawal from 20 to 24 december 2013
His reindeer safely parked out of sight behind the dune, Santa [Greg Polkowski] toured the crowd, together with his green-clad assistant Elf [Monica Polkowski], to greet the scores of happy children before retiring to his 'Grotto', a traditional white canvas tent hung with strings of coloured lights and decorations.
PREVIOUS PAGE: a three year-old boy peers out of his family's canvas tent to greet the rising sun on a winter's morning: ABOVE: goats stream across the flank of a hill on their way to pasture; BELOW: the Changpa count their wealth in heads of pashmina goats, which provide them with an income through their milk and prized cashmere wool.
NOWSHERA -- As scorching heat grips large areas of Pakistan, the UN refugee agency is working to make living in a canvas tent more bearable for 40,000 displaced people.
Their square blue company-coloured balloon, unpacked on the slope behind the back straight, failed to take off and then the lad who was dressed in a five-foot square canvas tent was seen suffering heat exhaustion after two races
Sure, my tentmates and I "listened" to the instructions on how to set up and care for the canvas tent.
Every family is on its own land in its own residence, and the canvas tent is rarely to be seen.
A high-powered electric light near the roof apparently sparked the fire in the large canvas tent where more than 100 women and children, many happily singing wedding songs, were present, Khadim said.
They steered clear of any big tree lightning rods that night, but the next morning, as they emerged from their rain-soaked canvas tent, they were immediately drawn to the champion tree.