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Not a canvas tent, like the one I'd grown up with, but an efficient nylon dome tent that would keep out the rain.
It was seventeen feet long with an open cockpit and a covered bow, where we stowed our gear, including a mammoth canvas tent that we had borrowed from a neighbour, and which took well over an hour to put up.
Through its website and iPhone app, Tentrr allows users to book at least 15 acres of private land and a fully equipped campsite that includes lounge chairs, a queen-size cot, a picnic table, a stone fire pit and a large canvas tent (already set up, of course).
One reader will win a weekend glamping in a supercomfy canvas tent which sleeps two adults and up to four kids.
Lodging on these fishing expeditions came in the form of an enormous canvas tent stitched together by a woman named Hillary, who felt entitled to plaster her name on the front door flap.
VERY soon Ram Lalla shall be housed under a canvas tent developed by the Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT), Roorkee.
"To a chid the Eisteddfod was immense back in my day but it was a canvas tent which flapped in the wind.
Not to be outdone by the rainfall, harsh winds ripped apart a sturdy canvas tent on the property of Everlast Nursery as if it were a bed sheet, nursery owner Levon Kachadoorian said.
Not the kind of camping you do today, with all the high-tech gear and comfortable equipment, but the kind with the heavy canvas tent that you swore weighed 200 pounds and took four adults almost an hour to set up!
One year my dad worked in the hamburger kitchen under a great big canvas tent held up with cedar poles and ropes.
His reindeer safely parked out of sight behind the dune, Santa [Greg Polkowski] toured the crowd, together with his green-clad assistant Elf [Monica Polkowski], to greet the scores of happy children before retiring to his 'Grotto', a traditional white canvas tent hung with strings of coloured lights and decorations.
NOWSHERA -- As scorching heat grips large areas of Pakistan, the UN refugee agency is working to make living in a canvas tent more bearable for 40,000 displaced people.
Their square blue company-coloured balloon, unpacked on the slope behind the back straight, failed to take off and then the lad who was dressed in a five-foot square canvas tent was seen suffering heat exhaustion after two races!
Sure, my tentmates and I "listened" to the instructions on how to set up and care for the canvas tent. We giggled and had a great time, getting in trouble here and there for our lackadaisical approach to rules and construction.