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a small flexible tube inserted into a body cavity for draining off fluid or introducing medication

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La alternativa a las agujas (AS) de HD es el cateter fistula (CF), que consta de una canula de fluoruroplastico, que recubre una aguja o fiador de menor calibre.
For example, some individuals have difficulty adjusting to dependence on oxygen, or wearing a nasal canula (the plastic tubing attached to an oxygen tank) in public which often provokes stares.
Her activity was mostly restricted to a wheelchair with continuous oxygen 3 L/min by nasal canula at rest and sleep, increased to 4 L/min for walking.
Five of 8 subjects used supplemental oxygen with a nasal canula during the rest, exercise, and post-exercise periods.
Treatment with the extract started one month post-infection, and groups of mice were treated for four weeks by oral administration using a canula or by intraperitoneal injections of 20 mg/kg/day of the extract.
I myself watched a nurse go to four patients before she came to me to put a canula in my hand and not once did she wash her hands either with water or anti-bacterial gel.
Ligaduras frouxas foram colocadas ao redor da veia cava inferior, para posterior canulacao, enquanto outra ligadura frouxa foi colocada ao redor da veia-porta para a introducao de outra canula.
One end of each segment was tied up with a thread and in the other end, a canula was inserted through which TNBS (0.
and the deadly chemicals must now have been coursing through the canula into Grayson's vein, but nothing seemed to be happening.
The Watch-PAT200 represents a technology breakthrough, with less than half the size of its predecessor the Watch-PAT100, yet, provides clinical data including apnea-hypopnea index, oxygen desaturation levels, sleep time and sleep phases, including REM, without requiring a nasal canula or EEG electrodes.
The drug (available as dry powder), was dissolved in 10 ml of sterile water and diluted in 500 ml of 5 per cent dextrose and infused slowly through a scalpvein canula.
06 mol) was condensed and then distilled into the bomb through the inlet valve via a canula.
Five samples of venous blood were drawn via a butterfly canula (21-gauge) into 2 plastic syringes (S-Monovette, Sarstedt AG) containing 1/10 of the syringe volume of 0.