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the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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a major division of a long poem

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They said: "PD Canto is recovering well after his Op.
The pictures from the police dogs twitter accounts show PD Canto back at home and recovering eating chew toys.
Sao escassos os estudos que abordam os aspectos neurologicos da producao do canto, visto que pesquisadores habitualmente nao investigam a capacidade musical de sujeitos nao cantores para fins de comparacao.
Su lectura de los poemas a Stalingrado es recibida con un enorme entusiasmo; y su estancia en la ciudad lo inspira a escribir el "Tercer canto de amor a Stalingrado" (Neruda, 1967b).
Many famous Italian bel canto singers and renowned vocal music educators visited China to give performances and lectures, and at the same time, numerous Chinese singers went to Europe and the United States to study Italian bel canto.
Paradoxically, though, when Pound begins his traffic with Coke's text at the beginning of the Canto it is because the Institutes promise to "produce certainty" rather than the mere advocacy of the older commentaries and thereby to be the "mother and nurse of repose.
Canto 73 uses the figure of the Florentine poet Guido Cavalcanti as the character who tells the story--like in a medieval pastorella--of his heroine, a woman kamikaze from Romagna, accompanying a Canadian allied unit to a minefield her brother had set up, and where she is going to die with these soldiers: "All'inferno 'l nemico/ furon venti morti,/ Morta la ragazza/ fra quella canaglia" (834).
El Canto Gregoriano es una expresion que trascendio en el tiempo, no solo como musica liturgica, sino impregnada de un espiritu evangelico, que pervive, pese a todas las transformaciones que ha sufrido en general el canto sacro del cristianismo.
Ese canto extrano, esos ruidos del mundo cotidiano--el crujir de un mueble, el gemido que asemeja o evoca una voz humana--son para Pablo de Rokha los materiales primigenios de su poesia, de su verso.
Los parametros acusticos medidos fueron: (1) Duracion del canto [ms], (2) Intervalo entre cantos [ms], (3) Numero de pulsos por canto, (4) Duracion del pulso [ms], (5) Intervalo entre pulsos [ms], (6) Tasa de pulsos [pulsos/s], (7) Frecuencia dominante [Hz].
La facilidad de encuentros con individuos de esta especie tanto en zonas urbanas como en suburbanas, ademas de la baja complejidad en su llamado social a diferencia del canto de otros grupos como los mimidos e icteridos, permite usarlo como referencia para evaluar el impacto del estres en las aves de la region.
When A Draft of XVI Cantos appeared in 1925, the first and only reference to Noh or to Japan appeared in Canto IV, and it established an important function of Noh drama in the rest of the poem.
Contract notice: service maintenance, repair and reform of the pavements and networks of irrigation and distribution of municipal water, existing in the public urbanization of the city of tres cantos
Aibee Cantos, Chief Executive Officer of Philam Life, told a roundtable discussion that Philam Life is now focusing on health and wellness because it is difficult to stay healthy with the kind of lifestyle now emerging among Filipinos.
Paulo de Cantos (Lisboa, 1893-1979) foi um professor do ensino liceal que publicou ao longo da sua carreira dezenas de livros didaticos que se mantiveram ate hoje na obscuridade.