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the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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a major division of a long poem

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CANTO is recognized as the trade association of the ICT sector for shaping information and communication in the Caribbean.
"Dealers access the Pearl DMRC through a Canto portal to create their product catalogs or promote the products on their websites," Wolfford adds.
She said the loss will be felt because of Bel Canto's stud status.
Una significativa eccezione a questi scarni riferimenti e nel canto quinto dei terzo libro deli'Innamorato e verra esaminata piU avanti in questo saggio.
Nissan created "Canto" with the goal of developing an alert sound as the priority.
Police were attending an address responding to concerns about a person's welfare when PD Canto was stabbed.
O canto e um comportamento vocal muito especializado presente em uma gama muito pequena de animais, dentre os quais estao o homem e as diversas especies de passaros.
What has made those Chinese singers sing Italian bel canto style so successfully in the Western music world?
With Canto CVII we approach the end of Pound's epic journey.