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projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only

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project as a cantilever

construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed

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For the section of the building that cantilevers at level 10, this involved engineering a beam that could support the weight of construction of the following seven storeys, until the level 17 beam was put in place, enabling the shearing forces to be shared between the two beams.
A hybrid method for calibration of AFM cantilevers was introduced where the effects of backside coating is included.
Therefore, in this study, construction stage analysis was performed for balanced cantilever construction technique to check the safety and serviceability of the bridge.
Although piezoresistive cantilevers have proven to be highly beneficial detection methods, without effective mechanical amplification schemes, their sensitivity is far below that of optical methods.
Powerlines will also supply overhead catenary, 500 GRP cantilevers, clamps, switches, motorised switch controls and tensioning for the electrification of a new 13km line and depot in Izmit.
Micro cantilevers are diving-board like structures that fall in the category of mechanical detection of biomolecules.
However, other methods exist with self-actuated cantilevers where their motion is read by piezos integrated into the levers.
According to Ndieyira, the cantilever technology confronts a growing problem of multidrug-resistant hospital superbugs.
The optical readout system focuses a laser beam onto the cantilever tip and uses a position sensitive detector to capture the beam reflected from the MEMS antenna.
This paper expands on a recent mini round robin within VAMAS Technical Working Area 29 to measure the spring constant of a single batch of triangular silicon nitride cantilevers sent to three international collaborators.
Datskos of the lab's Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, realized that, through use of MEMS-scale cantilevers, they could increase the rate through which the material cycles between heating and cooling, and thus boost the amount of heat that can be converted.
Series cantilevers of two different dimensions are used as series capacitors.
The new stadium includes a 500rfoot-wide scoreboard/ video board with cantilevered end bays, and a suite level and upper deck seating that cantilevers 50 feet beyond the main level concourse, creating unobstructed views.
1-3] Since the beginning of osseointegration, when the Branemark protocol composed of a fixed prosthesis with five or six implantations as pillars in the mental region and bilateral cantilevers was proposed, there has been an interest not only in determining the most suitable occlusal configuration, providing a harmonious and effective disclusion, but also in understanding the relationships of this configuration with the stomatognathic system.
1 : a beam or similar support fastened (as by being built into a wall) only at one end <The balcony is supported by wooden cantilevers.