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projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only

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project as a cantilever

construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed

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This now has a cantilevered shaft too, offering significantly improved hygiene and cleanability.
Cantilevered off the wall's yard side is a steel catwalk that functions as a sort of gangplank balcony off the master bedroom on the second floor of the house.
NEB personnel knew that post-reinforced concrete would be unable to withstand the loads that high winds would impose on the design's cantilevered wings.
The translucent glass channels of the north facade, understood conceptually as folded planes, are punctured by operable windows held in steel frames cantilevered from the floor.
Changeover from one coating method to another is easily achieved through the operator controls, while the cantilevered system can be used to laminate a range of tension sensitive film and nonwovens with a speed range of 1200 FPM.
Cantilevered design allows the beating and seals at the non-drive end to be eliminated.
Gardner, a division of the Kemutec Group Ltd, have developed a range of cantilevered mixers.
The third work, perhaps the most telling in terms of the artist's interest in the potency of the bed as physical and symbolic material, is Suture Mastic, 1994, which presents a small wedge of space between a regular mattress (complete with mirrored headboard, box spring, and bedframe) and four mattresses cantilevered off the mirrored headboard.
The cantilevered bed below projects partway into the bedroom and partway out.
Inside Soldier Field two displays, measuring 23 feet by 82 feet, are suspended from cantilevered structures, seemingly floating in the air.
Twenty eight blank-walled galleries of different sizes are cantilevered out like open drawers from the north facade.
There was the building's cantilevered foundation to consider.
The cantilevered cooler can be supplied with up to 40 ventilators.
Tapered tension control on a new cantilevered foam winder is provided not with a strain-gauge sensor on the winding shaft, but via tension calculated by the drive software.
Whilst this unit is of the fully enclosed cabinet design, cantilevered doors allow full access to the jet system, and easy access is provided for cleaning and maintenance.