cantilever bridge

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bridge constructed of two cantilevers that meet in the middle

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"I drew up an alternative proposal based on the balanced cantilever bridge, but with the central support replaced with a statue of the giant from the Mabinogion tales, Bendigeidfran.
Analytical Modeling of Balanced Cantilever Bridge: The analysis for the study was carried out using two commercially available computer software's MIDAS 7.01 and STAAD Pro 2007.
Today, they build cantilever bridge. #UAE_Innovates"
Funding for improving structures rated "fair" or "good" is set to rise substantially, notably with the inclusion of $357 million for reconstruction of the Shore Road Bridge in Brooklyn and $521 million for design and reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Triple Cantilever Bridge. Construction on the Triple Cantilever will continue through 2022 and cost $1.7 billion in all.
I was tempted to jump off, run the length of Steel Bridge, the world's tallest cantilever bridge, and find gold in the gurgling creek.
The Howrah Bridge, in Calcutta, was the world's third longest cantilever bridge when commissioned in 1943, while the Ganga Sagar painting shows where India's second longest river meets the sea.
Built in 1863, the Customs House served inspectors for the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, Niagara Cantilever Bridge, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, and Michigan Central Railway Bridge at various points in its history.
The skywalk is a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge that protrudes from the canyon's edge, allowing visitors to savour the grandeur of the Grand Canyon without taking the usual helicopter ride.
The construction of the PSC slab was carried out using the balance cantilever bridge builder technique, which has been implemented for the first time ever in a Delhi flyover.
Specifically, he stated that the vertebral column is "strictly and beautifully comparable to the main girder of a double-armed cantilever bridge."