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projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only

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project as a cantilever

construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed

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At Microvisk, Dr Djakov's team stripped down the microchips and put the intelligent sensing mechanisms right into the cantilever arms, almost like a cat's whiskers.
8220;EIFS is a growing percentage of the $89 billion global siding market, and Metal-Era's new Perma-Tite Gold Cantilever Coping is engineered to assist design professionals and owners in their roofing investment.
Finally, it is important to note that the piezo method used to move the AFM tip or sample in x, y, and z is independent from the piezo used to actuate or vibrate the cantilever, often referred to as a "shake" or "dither" piezo.
It could aid in the drug discovery process by preventing lead-drug candidates from being disregarded due to a lack of equipment with sufficient sensitivity, and its hope is to jumpstart an already stagnated drug-pipeline by providing this sensitivity in an efficient manner-the cantilever method can simultaneously measure and track a variety of drug-bacteria interactions in real time.
A core group of senior DMRC engineers have already started repair work and installed iron trestles to support the cantilever arms.
An engineer working with this piping configuration provided the above measurements along with some example calculations to give an idea of how the methodologies and results differed and arrived at the coaclusioa dial the Grume 11 and deflected cantilever methods agreed fairly closely while the ASHRAE method was much larger by a factor of 5.
Calibration techniques included reference cantilever, added mass, and two forms of thermal methods.
An innovative and highly automated deep drilling rig from Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH has been assembled on a cantilever at the Herrenknecht site in the port of Kehl in southern Germany in recent months.
Even if the poem does not take the visual form of a cantilever, it invariably conveys the sense of long-reaching support in its sentiments.
A standing problem with existing AFM-based thermal analysis systems is thermally induced bending of the cantilever that results in spurious deflection signals and variable loads being applied during heating.
At the midpoint it starts to cantilever over the descending slope; a balancing act made possible by the rigid structure of the building; resulting in 50% of the barn being in free space, and giving a wide view over the Suffolk landscape, adjacent lake and surrounding gardens.
Those familiar with the Shure V15-VMR will see similarities in the diamond tip and cantilever construction with the Audio-Technica cartridge.
When a particle such as a virus attaches to a cantilever, the board's vibration decreases enough that researchers can detect the event.