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a hymn derived from the Bible

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Francis called "The Canticle of the Creature," which is often called "The Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon" as well.
Festival screenings of Khleifi's notable films included Fertile Memory (1980) Ma'loul Celebrates its Destruction (1985) Canticle of the Stones (1990) and his Palestinian road trip film Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel (2003), in collaboration with Eyal Sivan.
They make a perfect end for each of the "hours" they grace: the Benedictus in the morning at lauds; the Magnificat in the evening at vespers; the Nunc Dimittus or Canticle of Simeon as the last hour of prayer at night, or compline.
Library Book Club "A Canticle for Leibowitz'' by Walter Miller, 1 and 6:30 p.
In the liturgy in general use since 1970, there are two psalms and a New Testament canticle, while in the older tradition, five psalms are sung instead.
still considers the canticle of Zechariah to be a preexisting composition inherited from "members of the Baptist diaspora" (50), he reckons the Magnificat, Gloria, and Nunc Dimittis to be pieces original with Luke, and argues that all four hymns are fully integrated elements in Luke's narrative argument, not extraneous and ill-fitted ornamentation.
But framing the programme was the greatest music of all, Britten's Canticle 1: My Beloved is Mine and his Hardy settings Winter Words, delivered by Gilchrist and Tilbrook with such engrossing commitment.
of those silences turn to a canticle scribed with a thorn?
Following each introductory essay, an original illustration of the otherworldly realm facilitates one's understanding of the overall schema of the canticle.
Canticle on Matthew 6 in Wartime Canticle on Matthew 6 in Wartime Consider the missing lilies, the trees stripped of leaves and burnt, the grass trampled to dust.
Composer-in-residence this year was the gifted Joseph Phibbs whose works matched those of his Nordic counterparts in a display of rich sonority that was refreshing after the astringent language of recent generations, especially when the energetic Navarra Quartet supported the colourful singing of Helen-Jane Howells in his impressive work The Canticle of the Rose.
The disc closes with Canticle V, the last and shortest of the canticles Britten composed throughout his life.
The lengthiest and most familiar of the three Britten compositions contained herein is his Canticle III: Still Falls the Rain, a remarkably evocative setting of Edith Sitwell's haunting poem which she wrote in the wake of the German air raids of London.