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a hymn derived from the Bible

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In addition to writing music for the office canticles and responses, we prepared completely original settings of all the sung items in Holy Eucharist I.
A Canticle for Leibowitz stands out as unequivocally fine writing, indisputably science fiction, and yet also extremely 'human,' sympathetic to religion, and accessible to readers new to the science fiction genre.
In addition, the book includes seventeen new settings of both old and new biblical canticle texts and four that are printed without music but pointed for singing with psalm tones.
A poem on Pilate's headquarters by the French baroque poet Jean de la Ceppede, a selection from contemporary Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal's "Cosmic Canticle," and a dramatic monologue in the voice of Pontius Pilate by American poet Vassar Miller round out the treatment of this episode.
It is from his account that we acquire our stories of the Annunciation by the angel Gabriel, the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, the Canticle of Mary, many details of the popular Christmas story, the Presentation of Jesus in the temple by his parents, and the finding of Jesus in the Temple as a young child.
Israel's joyful response to such a message of hope is expressed well in LBW Canticle 14, "Listen
The Canticle of Confession" [c] 2003 Forest of Peace
Joseph's Centre at Bayview Avenue in Toronto, a centre which claims to serve Catholic spirituality, advertise the following titles: Spiritual journey lectures: Canticle on the cosmos; Enneagram Basics I and II; Earth Covenant/Earth Charter workshop; the Pilgrim Self; Journalling; Dreams; and the Spirituality of the Enneagram.
Framed by Britten's Canticles III and V (we heard the others on Friday) Geraint Lewis's Over Sir John's hill, subtitled a canticle for tenor, harp and piano, has little in common with the Britten cycle.
From Canticle of New Orleans by Sister Margaret Charles Kerry, F.
A poised, commanding account of Canticle II Abraham and Isaac from the upper two vocalists and the resourceful Soddy reminded us just how much of this material reappears ten years later in Britten's War Requiem, dealing with the same subject.
It has three psalms, an Old Testament canticle, a short Old Testament reading, a response, Zechariah's canticle from the Gospel of Luke (the Benedictus), intercessions, and a closing prayer.
Such a context arises particularly in a psalm or canticle.
Francis that we get the famous canticle that praises sun and moon, fire and water, and finally bodily death as our sisters and brothers.
Daniel Berrigan, Canticle Press, 1997, is an amazingly generous book.