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either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet

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Plastic ruler was placed on the root of the nose on forehead with its zero mark placing on inner canthus of right eye while examiner closing his right eye noted the distance between two inner canthi, labeling it as ICD.
Fricke's flap for reconstruction of eyelids and canthi has been used in other studies too.
Next, all patients underwent a nurse evaluation for the presence or absence of asymmetry, which was based on the relative position of the ears, lateral canthi, hemimandibles, and shoulders.
Adler suggested that the eyes look aesthetically pleasing if both medial and lateral canthi are at the same level.
A round cystic, compressible swelling was found at root of nose and extending up to inner canthi of eyes.
The upper and lower eyelids meet at the medial and lateral canthi. Please see Figure 1 for a diagram of the tarsoligamentous sling.
The length of the rima oris and space between the median canthi were 8.69cm ad 8.81 cm respectively.
Speakers Mary Brewer, vice president, and Canthi Froggatt, director, of Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, offered some informative case histories during the seminar entitled "The No-Collar Worker: Getting Started in Alternative Officing." The examples cited of each alternative officing strategy were instructive:
But in our study, dermoids most frequently developed from corneoscleral area and medial but not the lateral ocular canthi.