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either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet

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Published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology1 and titled ''Comparison of topical antiaging creams in the management of lateral canthal lines'', the article describes results from a clinical study comparing the efficacy of Purgenesis antiaging creams ( Day cream, Eye Cream and Night Cream) to Prevage (Eye Lotion, Day Cream and Night Cream) and to LaMer ( Eye Balm, Creme de la Mer and Night Cream) in the management of lateral canthal lines.
Table-I: Demographic Characteristics of Study Participants (n=499), Descriptive analysis of demographic variables of participants for interpupillary, inner canthal and outer canthal distances.
Direct compression and impairment of blood supply to the nerves have been proposed as the possible mechanisms.[29] In case of retrobulbar hemorrhage, the globe is displaced anteriorly to the extent allowable by the canthal tendons (and to a lesser degree, the prolapse of bulbar fat).
Regression analysis was performed to find the relationship of maxillary central incisor width to inner canthal distance both of which were measured by vernier calipers in patients having no facial or dental deformaties.
Since the 1960s and disclosure of craniofacial surgery by Tessier, different techniques for craniosynostosis have been developed, such as fronto-parietal suturectomy, lateral canthal advancement, and bilateral fronto-orbital advancement [2].
Pathological findings may include lateral and medial canthal tendon laxity, lower retractor laxity, dry eye syndrome, chronic blepharitis, and chronic conjunctivitis [2].
In addition, the examiner who measured the eyelid pressure was not blinded to the groups, and the medial and lateral canthal laxity were not measured.
In patients with pronounced lower lid retraction, we used the LTS procedure to establish lateral canthal support in addition to SOOF elevation and hard palate graft to effectively lift atonic lids.
Dealing with an eyelid defect, the surgeon should analyse the missing lamellar components and whether canthal support is compromised.
He was normocephalic and hyperteloric (inner canthal distance 4 cm, >97th percentile; outer canthal distance 10 cm, >97th percentile; interpupillary distance 6.5 cm, >97th percentile).
Large and unresectable BCC in the head and neck region had an 83% response rate when treated with intra-arterial chemotherapy using a combination of vincristine, bleomycin, methotrexate, and cisplatin.8 Radiotherapy is another optional adjuvant treatment of excised BCC in the medial canthal region, with a response rate better than 90%.
The lacrimal sac locates behind the medial canthal ligaments, and within the fossa of lacrimal sac which is composed by the lacrimal bone and process of frontalis maxilla, its upper portion is the caecum, and the lower portion is connected with the nasolacrimal duct, the ideal imaging examination should clearly display the in vivo lacrimal sac and its surrounding tissues, at the same time, it should be economic, convenient, non-invasive and reproducible.
Recurrent conjunctivitis due to medial canthal pocket syndrome in a dog- a report.