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either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet

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Lateral canthal tendon reconstructed using silk suture.
The medial canthal ligament plays an important role in maintaining shape and function of the eyelids.
A #15 blade lateral canthal incision was fashioned, and sharp dissection was continued to the lateral orbital rim.
In the canthopexy, the lateral canthal tendon is folded over and stabilized with a stitch, but not dispensed with.
3] Internipple distance, head circumference, inner and outer canthal distance and anteroposterior and transverse ocular distance are some important measurements when diagnosing dysmorphology.
The articles are “An Argument for Closed Canthal Suspension in Aesthetic Lower Blepharoplaty,” an invited commentary on the manuscript “The Sigmoid Upper Blepharoplasty: Redefining Beauty,” and “ A Novel Technique of Jones Tube Fixation for Refractory Tube Extrusion.
The lateral and medial canthal ligaments hold the lid to the surface of the anterior eye.
The recent procedure is the endoscopic DCR, has the advantage of elimination of scar, preservation of canthal anatomy, bleeding, pain and morbidity but the disadvantages are the cost and lack of surgical skill.
An 8 mm incision is made over the medial canthal ligament close to the bridge of the nose and the ligament dissected carefully.
For example, Astley and Clarren (13) reported reduced palpebral fissure length/inner canthal distance ratio, smooth philtrum, and smooth upper lip, as features that distinguish individuals with FAS from controls with 100% accuracy.
On the right flank, this oblique inguinal band barely reaches the middle of the flank; flanks are darker than dorsal ground color; infraorbital region is brown with little cream markings, similar as those on loreal region; a canthal dark brown band surrounds the snout from eye to snout.
White cats are predisposed and the medial canthal eyelid is primarily affected (DITERS & WALSH, 1984).
The lower eyelid's anatomy is complex and must be carefully considered before reconstructive surgery to prevent post-surgical complications such as entropion, ectropion, canthal distortion, or altered closure mechanisms.
In the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual,2 designation of medial canthal carcinomas presents a unique clinical challenge, given the higher risk of deep orbital invasion and invasion into the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.