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Synonyms for canteen

a flask for carrying water

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sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc

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a restaurant outside

a recreation room in an institution

restaurant in a factory

References in classic literature ?
The fishermen gathered round their leader, and, conducted by Digby, the little troop proceeded towards the canteens, the post, as may be remembered, which had been assigned them.
The aid-de-camp settled his guests in a tolerably comfortable tent, from which was dislodged an Irish canteen woman, who went, with her six children, to sleep where she could.
I have one here without the fangs, and Teddy catches it every night to please the folk in the canteen.
Wherefore the estimable old ladies who abolished the canteen from the American army may justly boast of having materially augmented the nation's military power.
Nothing appeared quite familiar; the most commonplace objects - an old saddle, a splintered wheel, a forgotten canteen everything related something of the mysterious personality of those strange men who had been killing us.
From her saddlebags she took cold food and from her canteen a swallow of water.
Anna Canteens, which provided meals at Rs 5 to the poor and the middle class, were shut down across Andhra Pradesh by the state government last month.
Out of 505 UAE-based respondents, 213 users said they had office canteens, while 292 did not.
She said currently only one mobile canteen has been introduced, however, more canteens would be launched in future depending upon the availability of funds.
MULTAN -- Cafeteria Committee of Bahauddin Zakariya University imposed a fine of Rs 17,000 on different canteens over substandard meal and unhygienic condition here on Tuesday.
The inspections found that products were sold higher than the approved prices while canteens also sold stuff that was not on the approved lists.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Tuesday sealed 16 school canteens, penalised 17 food business operators (FBOs) and issued warning notices to 346 others.
Enforcement teams of the PFA have sealed as many as 16 canteens of public and private schools, served warning notices for improvement on 346 and penalized 17 food business operators (FBOs) in a daylong operation.
MUZAFFARGARH -- The District Food Authority sealed canteens of two known: Misali Zakariya Academy in Peer Jahanian area and Shakir Science Academy and School Khangarh for poor sanitation and lack of food standards.
Municipalities in Sharjah and Ajman have launched a crackdown on school canteens to ensure food safety.