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Synonyms for canteen

a flask for carrying water

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sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc

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a restaurant outside

a recreation room in an institution

restaurant in a factory

References in classic literature ?
You will conduct this good fellow and his companions to the little tents of the canteens, in front of the marshes, so that they will be near their bark, and yet will not sleep on board to-night.
The fishermen gathered round their leader, and, conducted by Digby, the little troop proceeded towards the canteens, the post, as may be remembered, which had been assigned them.
The man is by trade a conjurer and performer, going round the canteens after nightfall, and giving a little entertainment at each.
After taking stock of himself and finding that he still had his pistol and ammunition, some matches, a little tobacco, a canteen full of water and a razor, Bradley made himself comfortable upon the mat and was soon asleep, knowing that an attempted escape in the darkness without knowledge of his surroundings would be predoomed to failure.
canteen from the American army may justly boast of having materially
Nothing appeared quite familiar; the most commonplace objects - an old saddle, a splintered wheel, a forgotten canteen everything related something of the mysterious personality of those strange men who had been killing us.
Presently few carried anything but their necessary clothing, blankets, haversacks, canteens, and arms and ammunition.
Here the men prepared and ate their frugal meal, and refilled their canteens.
We had shot a deer just before our halt, and, as Taylor and Delcarte were preparing it, I walked down to the water to fill our canteens.
Announcement of competition: The purpose is to enter into a contract for service concession with a vendor who will operate the canteen at Oslo School of Architecture and Design (hereinafter referred to as the Principal).
She was speaking to Khaleej Times on the sidelines of a meeting between the council and the schools canteen committee.
A MEMORIAL remembering a canteen that served wartime heroes in Upton will be rededicated by the Mayor of Wirral later this month.
We asked officials concerned from the health centres to send us their canteen menus, which were reviewed by our team," said section chief Dr Nadia Gharib.
He said, "My children usually face stomach problem due to the unhealthy food being sold at the college canteen and they find no option except eating something from the school canteen.
Three students of the secondary level, Abdul Aziz Al-Hazmi, Anwar Al-Ghamdi and Fuad Khoja, said: "The canteen managers think only about their profits and pay scant attention to students' health.