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Synonyms for canted

departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal

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Canted spin structures at surfaces and around defects in the interior of a material are in general very complex, and analytical calculations of the magnetic properties may therefore not be feasible, but the spin structures can be elucidated by use of computer simulations.
An inpatient room with a canted headwall is angled toward the room window_ Figure 2 illustrates an inpatient room with a canted headwall.
May be worn strong side with the pistol butt canted forward, cross draw with butt canted downward or in the small of the back with a more horizontal carry.
Embedded in a low, almost geological podium of slate shards, glass and grey aluminium, the canted parallelepipeds are constructed almost entirely of contiguous glass elements held in place by a skeletal steel frame.
Types of wheels include standard, curved vane, canted vane and direct drive wheels.