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Despite the constant search for high quality fruits, which will lead to higher commercial value of cantaloupe melons, research on fruit bagging is very limited, and there are no technical recommendations about this culturing practice.
The orange-fleshed honeydew melon is sweeter and stores longer than the typical cantaloupe melon.
Summary: A pair of cantaloupe melons sold at auction in Japan on Friday for 1.6 million ...
Beta-carotene found in foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe melons, as well as lycopene in tomatoes, give the skin a healthy and radiant look from the inside out.
Developed by Bionov and marketed by Seppic, the range offers an all-natural ingredient derived from cantaloupe melons containing superior antioxidant properties, according to the company.
Best source: Carrots Also get it from sweet potatoes, red peppers, apricots, spinach, watercress, cantaloupe melons, broccoli and kale.
Try eating, fresh apricots, watermelon or cantaloupe melons, avacados, spinach, prunes, kiwi fruit and tomatoes - although not obviously at the same time!
All are F1 hybrids and all are cantaloupe melons, except for Passport, which is a galia type promising larger fruits.
SAINSBURY'S Cantaloupe melons pounds 1.38 each or two for pounds 2.