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Ingredients: Cantaloupe, seeds and skin removed 1 orange, zest and pith removed 1 tsp ground turmeric
The team at Cantaloupe built an unequaled product and service portfolio.
NASDAQ:USAT), a premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market, has announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition of Cantaloupe Systems, Inc.
USA Technologies acquired Cantaloupe in a transaction valued at approximately USD 85m, the company said.
For cantaloupe melons, fruit bagging appears to be an alternative to insecticide application; preliminary studies have reported a high incidence of pests causing damage to the epidermis and fruit pulp, such as the pickleworm (Diaphania nitidalis), thus making insecticide application unsuitable for melon commercialization (SOBRINHO et al.
From the results obtained in this study, it was concluded that cantaloupe seed oil can be successfully utilized for the production of biodiesel as a cost-effective feedstock.
4 WITH its high water content, cantaloupe is a great snack to have on hand to prevent dehydration.
A relatively inexpensive commercial steam cleaner, intended to remove wallpaper and clean outdoor grills, kitchen counters and other household surfaces, can rid cantaloupes and other produce, such as watermelons, honeydew melons, cucumbers and baby carrots, of Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria more effectively than existing washes and chlorine treatments.
Caption: ARS food technologist Dike Ukuku (left) and chemical engineer David Geveke steam-clean a cantaloupe to reduce surface pathogen levels.
Add this to the cantaloupe mixture and blend for a while.
We built Seed Markets because our customers wanted the same profit-boosting tools they have on their vending business with Seed Pro and their OCS business with Seed Delivery, noted Anant Agrawal, President and Co-Founder of Cantaloupe Systems.
Some are former cantaloupe thumpers and honeydew dabblers, but many may be under the mistaken impression that too many melons just aren't that flavorful, so they don't bite.
said Tuesday that the company has agreed to settle claims from many of the families of victims who died in a 2011 listeria outbreak that killed 33 people and was traced to a Colorado cantaloupe farm.
Our cantaloupe (also called the North American cantaloupe) has a skin that appears netted, while the European cantaloupe, though it also has orange flesh, looks very different, with light green, ribbed skin.
This big white's bouquet leads off with peach and vanilla accented by musky cantaloupe.