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smooth and flowing

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Cantabile Youth Choir represented England and competed against choirs from around the world in the finals of two classes at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in July last year and were placed fifth in the world.
Infuriated by the thought of the silly girls playing such a serious instrument, Cantabile suggests that the fathers hire a certain Monsieur Belladroit to be the girls' music teacher.
This brilliant Latin-inspired number illustrates Hackleman's superior upper register and soaring cantabile.
A wonderful piece, combining contrastive cantabile and lyrical, contrapuntal, motoric, dramatic and other areas.
Like a musical composition, his short novel is composed of three movements, in which the main theme--brotherhood--is interwoven with the subnarratives in a manner that recalls the interconnectedness of soloist and orchestra: Allegro, Largo Cantabile, and Allegro Non Molto.
But no pianist on this or any other planet can match the enveloping, entrancing cantabile playing of the Beaux Arts' Menahem Pressler - although Elvekjaer came very close.
The supporting artistes are Abercynon's own Holly Davies, Cantabile Girls' Choir (Hereford) and the Piano Flute duo, Tranquillo.
While the opening and closing pieces are introspective and romantic, featuring cantabile melodies and flowing left-hand accompaniments, the varied inner pieces span ragtime, blues, music theater, country, western and metropolitan styles, respectively.
30pm and 5pm ENJOY the annual concert from Cantabile and South Derbyshire Brass Ensemble followed by mulled wine and minced pies.
Alvin Jay Figer played Johann Christian Bach's Andante Cantabile and Dmitri Kabalevsky's Waltz.
Credits: Alternates personal projects, such as Carax-Gondry-Joon-Hos' "Tokyo," with line-producing jobs such as Paris-shot Japanese double feature "Nodame Cantabile.
The Italian cast of characters includes maestro Signor Cantabile and the heady and indignant "diva," Mr.
The Rodewald is now well settled into the beautiful concert hall on Lime Street, and in November the Danel Quartet bring an extraordinary East European programme including the Piano Quintet of Tanayev, when they are joined by pianist (and critic) David Fanning, and Tchaikovski's Andante Cantabile which makes a gentler opener, before the 6th Quartet of Weinberg.
In the "Andante cantabile," the strings demonstrated an extraordinary level of cohesiveness - not just technically but interpretively - and Guerrero shaped melodic lines with elegance and style.
Hugh Seenan's horn solo over muted strings in the extended cantabile, truly was spell-binding, later transformed beneath sunnier skies in a finale of absolute and succinct assurance, topped out by blazing brass on top form.