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smooth and flowing

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Cantabile has been delighting audiences since 1982.
STEVE, 27, from London, was already a full-time musician with Cantabile, earning around pounds 18,000.
Nel continuo alternarsi di registri, la forza del cantabile e conquistata grazie a un fitto montaggio metrico, estratta a forza dalla frizione sillabica.
However, it seemed to me that the Russians performed Serenade with just the right cantabile lilt--a blue thought in a blue shade--and both Lopatkina and Zakharova proved deliquescently lovely in the leading role, while Zelensky (well remembered for his years with City Ballet) is still among the finest exponents of Apollo in our time.
This dilemma dissolved when I heard a colleague and friend, Steve Rosenfeld, give a lecture that included a discussion of terms like semplice, dolce, cantabile and espressivo.
Tuesday will also mark a special performance by choral group Cantabile who host an event dedicated to words and music written by and about people at war - particularly World War 1.
On Monday, June 23 and Thursday, June 26 at 6pm, there will be music from Cantabile Academy, interspersed with readings from The Mill on the Floss.
Nevertheless, I can conceive that it is possible to play Foerster's music with an even greater imagination and some of the passages would benefit from a more cantabile cantilena or a more fluid bass line, and many a rubato could be played more forcibly too.
Organised by Conwy-based Cantabile Artists Agency, the cast includes Welsh National Opera singers and recent graduates from the Dennis O'Neill's Wales International Academy of Voice.
Classically phrased and cantabile string melodies were a highlight of the Andantino (Poulenc).
But no pianist on this or any other planet can match the enveloping, entrancing cantabile playing of the Beaux Arts' Menahem Pressler - although Elvekjaer came very close.
closing chords of cantabile poetries of legible melodies
Less surprising, given Horsley's Mendelssohn connection, is the presence of a musical link between this movement and the following Larghetto cantabile.
The London-based a cappella quartet Cantabile will perform at 8 p.
More academic than spectacular, the focus is on long swan-like melodies, which Kirshbaum conjured with an engaging cantabile style, the orchestral accompaniment col ourful but deliberately not overwhelming.