cant hook

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a peavey having a hook instead of a spike

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So, to answer the original question, the main difference between a cant hook and a peavey is the iron or steel spike at the business end of the peavey.
A cant hook with a pointed spike on the business end is called a peavy.
The logging tools we used were all hand tools and included the draw knife, lug hook, grab hook, cant hook, winch, saws and different kinds of axes.
Some arrangement to easily attach the cant hook to the top sides of the hauler would be handy, since you'll need it (or them) at both ends of your trip.
There is a long handle that fits in the socket (similar to a cant hook or peavy handle) that is then moved towards the anchor or towards the load.
Peavey: A stout lever like a cant hook, but with a sharp spiked end.