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a peavey having a hook instead of a spike

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Cant hooks are invaluable if you're going to do much work with logs.
There is a long handle that fits in the socket (similar to a cant hook or peavy handle) that is then moved towards the anchor or towards the load.
Peavey: A stout lever like a cant hook, but with a sharp spiked end.
It took both of us to roll an oak log onto the carriage with cant hooks.
Other catalog treasures: bright-colored flagging and tree paint for marking plots and boundaries; increment borers for extracting cores of wood to tell the ages and growth rates of trees without cutting them down; cant hooks, pickeroons, and hookaroons for holding and moving logs; specialized shovels and hoes for planting or seeding; winches, levers, and jacks for directional felling of trees and moving heavy material; more than 26 different kinds of pruners; soil samplers and testers; rugged woods wearing apparel; safety equipment, signs, and on and on.