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a peavey having a hook instead of a spike

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Caption: A cant hook was one of many tools used by lumbermen.
Cant hook: "A wooden lever having a movable iron hook near the end, and often a lipped iron ring round the tip.
A cant hook with a pointed spike on the business end is called a peavy.
* Some arrangement to easily attach the cant hook to the top sides of the hauler would be handy, since you'll need it (or them) at both ends of your trip.
There is a long handle that fits in the socket (similar to a cant hook or peavy handle) that is then moved towards the anchor or towards the load.
Peavey: A stout lever like a cant hook, but with a sharp spiked end.
Other catalog treasures: bright-colored flagging and tree paint for marking plots and boundaries; increment borers for extracting cores of wood to tell the ages and growth rates of trees without cutting them down; cant hooks, pickeroons, and hookaroons for holding and moving logs; specialized shovels and hoes for planting or seeding; winches, levers, and jacks for directional felling of trees and moving heavy material; more than 26 different kinds of pruners; soil samplers and testers; rugged woods wearing apparel; safety equipment, signs, and on and on.
It took both of us to roll an oak log onto the carriage with cant hooks. With luck, I could hold the log in place while Art clamped it down.
Under a picture of loggers sitting in the snow with their clay jug, cant hooks, and a two-man saw, a caption reads, "It's hard to believe men like this with just hand tools cut a giant swath across the north.