can of worms

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Synonyms for can of worms

a situation that presents difficulty, uncertainty, or perplexity

Words related to can of worms

a source of unpredictable trouble and complexity

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Thank goodness then for lab technician Clarissa who once again comes up trumps with some forensic evidence that opens up several new cans of worms.
But to apologise would be quite a different matter, opening up avenues for legal action and other cans of worms, which the BBC is not going to like.
Apartment block cheese, 47 chicken In fact, it is a can of worms - a huge, enormous, cheapo brand vat of things which look like worms but don't taste like them because these were on offer and look, we have 16 cans of worms because there was a special breasts, Flintstone slabs offer.
Her bed-bound status opens several cans of worms, including the discovery of her husband's infidelity.
Ever since Rakhi Ka Insaaf was launched a few weeks ago, the show has been more in the news for its blatant and often unethical use of hidden cameras to unveil cans of worms about the private lives of its commoner participants than show host Rakhi Sawant's attempts at solving problems.
"This work opens many cans of worms. A USB device cannot now be trusted - it may have hidden processing capabilities," said Vasilios Katos, a computer scientist at the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece.
which is at Liverpool Echo Arena next month Helsinki-born Miria Parvin plays Sophie, the young bride-to-be whose quest to find her dad opens all sorts of cans of worms.
Meanwhile, efforts to genetically modify bees that are resistant to predators and pathogens could also prove fruitful, although such high tech solutions are still untested and could open up other cans of worms.
There have been several cans of worms opened on this dreadful tour but none so full of the smellies and the wrigglies as this one.
"Sometimes it's not just a can of worms--it's six or eight cans of worms."
But cans of worms are often opened once the carnality ends.
"It's like a lot of other cans of worms, where NCAA rules are not black and white, and you have to decide what's reasonable and what's not," Matthews said.
Policemen declare themselves baffled, deferentially bowing to Millar's superior experience and style, and cans of worms start popping open left and right as the plot grows ever more convoluted.
Doubtless, if an election were to be held soon, all these cans of worms would be fully opened by the AKP's opponents.
We identified two project implementation themes related to expanding the scope of practice (1) "pushing the comfort zone' and (2) "linking with collaborators." Each theme has four subthemes: pushing the comfort zone includes activities physicians engage in prior to collaboration--selecting elderly patients, "opening cans of worms," recognizing patient and family expectations, and going outside the comfort zone.