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richly melodious


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A lamster is one who lams, a canorous sound is one suggestive of melody or song, Saba is an island off South America and a babassu is a Brazilian palm, according to M-W.
The slight over-explicitness of "Catholic-nurtured" (even though it buttresses the maternal theme) is indicative of Mirrlees's main flaw as a poet: an excessive discursivity, lacking, for instance the canorous density of the best of Tolkien's lyrics.
Moreover, the implied eternal recitation of Ennius's canorous poetry is contrasted with a single last groan (cum gemitu).
Sullivan added that the album's "success with the inner-city hipster cognoscenti must surely have been connected with the unabashed romanticism inherent in the songs, the way they acted as a canorous (that is, richly melodious, pleasant-sounding) balm for the bruising hypervelocity of modern living and fin-de-siecle stresses.