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richly melodious


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(A lamster is one who lams, a canorous sound is one suggestive of melody or song, Saba is an island off South America and a babassu is a Brazilian palm, according to M-W.)
The slight over-explicitness of "Catholic-nurtured" (even though it buttresses the maternal theme) is indicative of Mirrlees's main flaw as a poet: an excessive discursivity, lacking, for instance the canorous density of the best of Tolkien's lyrics.
Sullivan added that the album's "success with the inner-city hipster cognoscenti must surely have been connected with the unabashed romanticism inherent in the songs, the way they acted as a canorous (that is, richly melodious, pleasant-sounding) balm for the bruising hypervelocity of modern living and fin-de-siecle stresses."
The sounded letters of his version imaginatively recuperate all the chill fever of ascetic elation that spurs Attis on toward perfection through traumatic self-transformation, all the fastidious disgust that makes him regard the sensual pleasures of the householder's life--Venus's gifts to gendered bodies--as "nimiety" and so "odious," and all the steamy mysticism of his sublimated eros that refigures the Great Mother as the "true Hera--the hot tease, errant pulse of animate heart." (59) When Zukofsky sings for our ears how Attis's "canorous high sweet voice tasked trembling her band of committed boys," he endows that voice's exhortation with the authority and the gnomic concision of ascetic wisdom.