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Synonyms for canopy

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the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit

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the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air

a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather

cover with a canopy

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As a result of high speed winds for a short period of time, one of the sails of one of the canopies located on the Bahraini side was damaged and another one on the Saudi side was partially damaged," said the KFCA in a statement.
The canopies were built by Mining Technologies International (MTI), which has since been acquired by Joy Global, and tested at the former MTI underground test mine, which was not part of the transaction.
A hybrid inversion method for mapping leaf area index from MODIS data: experiments and application to broadleaf and needleleaf canopies.
It is likely that scissor-tailed flycatchers avoided wooded areas because the canopies were too crowded.
It is a methodical process, but with persistence it can lead to a much better understanding of how vine canopies behave.
The Orcal Canopies are available in flat, concave and convex styles giving specifiers and contractors full design flexibility.
Smooth and curved, the canopies measure at 47" by 76", and they are suspended from the building structure.
The biggest reason canopies turn from clear to cloudy is that operators grab just anything to clean it, stuff like rags, window cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner.
An external fermentation area extends to the east of the main linear route under separate canopies, and at the junction of the two axes is the workpad, where grapes and barrels are manipulated.
Open canopies present another big disadvantage: they let in more light, which triggers monarchs to fly when they should be resting.
The first international project of research, conservation, education, community work and fundraising for forest canopies has been launched by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP).
The flight-deck chief yelled for his plane captains to close the canopies as the rain started to come down hard.
Some of the innovations discussed there were new ways to injection mold structural thermoplastic long-fiber composites and optically clear canopies for fighter aircraft.
Although UV fluxes above canopies were measured in both studies, UV irradiance on plant surfaces was not assessed.
I discussed it with my pilot, and we decided to open the canopies, jump in, and then quickly shut the canopies to keep the rain out of the cockpit and its delicate electrical systems.