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fondle or pet affectionately

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COSTUmE DRAmA: New bikini FIRST CLASS LOUNGE: Chilling STRING my bELL: Star is stunning in cossie mIGHTy SmOOCH: She grabs a kiss from mike, then he playfully splashes her before they're back canoodling
Police in Indian Kashmir usually accustomed to fighting separatist militants have a new target in their sights - teenagers canoodling in parks, restaurants and shops.
The canoodling couple are amongst a range of people including tube train commuters encased in see-through bubbles to represent their personal space that gets squeezed when others get too close.
The Lindley actress is rumoured to have been spotted canoodling with the Goldie Looking Chain rapper over dinner at a London restaurant before the unlikely pair retired to her plush North London pad.
And just the night before, he'd been in a local pub canoodling with one of his fellow inspectors, in front of the appalled eyes of the Leighford staff members and a local rock band made up of former students.
Kelly enjoys driving a wedge between Scott and Dawn, Viv is disgusted to see Bob canoodling with Avril and Robert regrets giving Cain a job.
Jones, who grabbed the headlines with stories of his canoodling with Oscar winner Halle Berry and Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, 'appreciates' good looking guys.
I guess Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan would have preferred not to have been snatched canoodling on their yacht.
Rather than wanting a homemaker who thinks more about cup-cakes than canoodling, modern man is after a sexually- confident woman who is not shy about paying her own way.
A spokesman said: ''It's not unusual for the police to be called out to investigate a prowler, only to find a pair of canoodling hedgehogs in the shrubbery."
Summary: The pair had never confirmed their relationship after being spotted canoodling in a jacuzzi in Ibiza last year
Jerry Hall canoodling with Rupert Murdoch at the rugby World Cup final and Rod Stewart wearing a coat made from seals (although it did give us another reason to club him).
You can see these Canoodling Canoe Gnus in a new exhibition at Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum.
An onlooker reports: "The pair were canoodling all through the film, much to the annoyance of other cinema-goers.
An observer told the publication that the 'Twilight Saga' star and Dylan were "canoodling" as they hung out with a group of friends.