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fondle or pet affectionately

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In the distance, say a hundred yards or more, off the path in the shadowy greenwood, I caught a flash of white, not a canoodler or a picnicker, but still, maybe a fallen kite, I thought, above the ground and stark in the afternoon sun, or what of it leaked past the leaves.
Andrea Bennett; CANOODLERS; Nightwood Editions (Nonfiction: Poetry) 18.95 ISBN: 9780889712973
Canoodlers looks hip -- bright colors, swooping birds, titles in the table of contents alternating between black and gray, all befitting the coming-of-age story told in the book.
andrea bennett's debut, Canoodlers, on the other hand, boasts plenty of air.
I mean the conversationalists, the canoodlers, the rustlers and the terminal coughers.