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fondle or pet affectionately

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"Many of the street food vendors taking part are not veggie and vegan-only, such as Canoodle, but we know some of their Pan Asian vegetarian dishes are hugely popular with both vegetarians and meat eaters.
She added: "I look at my " parents and they're still together, still in love, miss each other madly, hold hands and canoodle.
Canoodle, vendors of Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian street food, is one of the newest names on the city's street food scene, but it's already winning over fans with a photography competition offering free food as the prize.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Stirrup 9 Array 10 Tweak 11 Leisure 12 Ant 13 Canoodle 16 Appeared 17 Nut 19 Sternum 21 Inept 22 Adorn 23 Content DOWN: 1 Ashtray 2 Sidestep 3 Trek 4 Marigold 5 Urdu 6 Tyres 8 Palindromic 13 Cleaning 14 Lingered 15 Statute 18 Usual 20 Eros 21 Iona QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Deaf as a post 8 Mac 9 Aid 11 Enhance 12 Refer 13 Leo 14 Era 15 Unclasp 17 Net 19 Asia 21 Omen 23 Acre 25 Beer 27 Was 29 Sapling 31 Egg 34 Flu 36 Frail 37 Sirloin 38 Yap 39 Ask 40 Bedside lamp DOWN: 1 Dane 2 Echo 3 Finance 4 Smelly 5 Paris 6 Safe 7 Tier 8 Melon 10 Drama 16 Par 18 Toe 20 Sew 22 Mrs 24 Central 25 Beefy 26 Closed 28 Skunk 30 Atlas 32 Grab 33 Gape 34 Foam 35 Lisp
THEY kiss and canoodle like the most starry-eyed of sweethearts.
Shares in Cupid, who run sites such as Canoodle, dropped a penny to 64p as they revealed first-half losses of PS2.8million against a profit of PS3.6million a year ago.
WET SUIT 3 Kelly after dip in sea BRIEFS 3ENCOUNTER Kelly and Thom canoodle on the shore SIX-PACK 3 Thom shows off his beach body in Italy
CANOODLE: With Anouska; CUDDLE: With Nush; COOLING OFF: In shower
WILLIAM and Kate enjoyed a canoodle when they went canoeing yesterday on one of the more entertaining engagements on their tour of Canada.
ItOs all larks for Jodie Marsh, 26, and her teen fiancA Kenzie, as they canoodle in the sea on holiday in Barbados.
KISSY: Tattooed Nat and Liam canoodle on sun isle; FOOTSY: Lucky Liam enjoys a toe massage from the missus; HUGGY: Couple cuddle on second honeymoon; APPEAL-TON: Natalie's in fine form as she splashes out on break in Mauritius; GOLDEN DELICIOUS: Warning flag for admirers as gorgeous Natalie tops up her tan
Who wouldn't want to knock back bottles of Cristal or canoodle with blondes in short skirts?
The lovebirds canoodle in the bath, disappear under a table and even boil a (cuddly toy) bunny in a joky reference to Michelle's jealousy.
But among the over-60s - who often only had the car to car to canoodle in during their youth- back seat romps got a big thumbs up.
Big Breakfasthost Lisa Rogers and Ralf Little, who usually canoodle for England, had a very public falling out.