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(Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church) the act of admitting a deceased person into the canon of saints

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On March 29, the Vatican declared Ramos a "Servant of God," which is the second of four steps in the Church's canonization process for one to be declared as venerable.
'With the promulgation of the decrees of martyrdom and of heroic virtue, the Servants of God are granted the title 'Venerable.' The next stage in the 'causes' would be beatification, followed ultimately by canonization,' according to the report.
Canonization was never certain for Romero, though some in the country have long considered him a saint.
Montini's school community will celebrate the Canonization during its All Saints Day Mass at 9:30 a.m.
Chen, like other representatives attending the canonization, is expected to meet with Pope Francis, who has in the past expressed wishes to visit China.
Lacking miracles, Ninoy may yet ascend to beatification or canonization, via the Vatican's wide-open political backdoor.
The ceremony in Rome set for 4 September, which is to be attended by numerous worshippers and high-ranking guests from around the world, will be chaired by Pope Francis, who signed the decree for the canonization of Mother Teresa in March this year.
The National Bank issues this coin on the occasion canonization of Mother Teresa for Saint scheduled for September this year.
A senior clerics' committee gave a nod to the nun's miracle following which Francis signed a decree approving the canonization of the nun, according to reports.
In his ambitious study of the history, nature, and structure of the late Ming novel Canonization of the Gods (Fengshen yanyi), Mark Meulenbeld offers an outstanding new model for literary studies to explore the sociological, theological, and ideological space within and beyond the premodern Chinese "novel." He comes to terms with new methods and theories of late imperial/early modern Chinese literature as an interdisciplinary field.
A naturalized Jesuit priest could soon be the next Filipino saint after Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has officially opened the process for his beatification and canonization at the Manila Cathedral.
NNA - In the corner of a pristine Jerusalem church, the tomb of Marie Alphonsine Ghattas looks out over just a small part of her legacy, days ahead of her canonization in Rome.
This started the tradition of canonization in the fourth century.
Embassy to the Holy See hosted a reception in April for a presidential delegation and groups of American Catholics who were in Rome for the canonization of two former popes.