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a specialist in canon law

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Rodefer s we is Olympian, canonistic, the open-all-hours Big Time where he and Homer look down on the caucuses of applicants and their larceny in wit (to lift a phrase from another author of The Spleen) or, more likely, out of it; but also his we is just some cipher that gets evacuated in the slow stampede out of the lecture hall.
Charles de Miramon, "Innocent III, Huguccio de Ferrare et Hubert de Pirovano: Droit canonique, theologie et philosophie a Bologne dans les annees 1180"; Manlio Bellomo, "Considerazioni sulla pervasivita della religione nella societa e negli ambienti di studio universitari in eta tardo-medievale"; Peter Erdo, "Il diritto canonico, fonte della giurisprudenza occidentale nell'Ungheria e nella Polonia del medioevo"; Brian Tierney, "Hohfeld on Ockham: A Canonistic Text in the Opus nonaginta dierum"; and R.
This paper will argue that, although many economists tout the Prebisch Doctrine as revolutionary since it opposes certain canonistic views, it is in fact accommodationist and rooted in narrow nationalistic motives.
Cushing, Papacy and Law in the Gregorian Revolution: The Canonistic Work of Anselm of Lucca (Oxford: Clarendon, 1998), 55-63.
10) Bohm-Bawerk's monumental 1884 publication, History and Critique of Interest Theories, contained chapters such as "Resistance of Economic Practice to the Canonistic Prohibition of Interest," "Victory in the Netherlands of School of Economists Who Approved of Interest," and "Backwardness of the Romance Countries: French Legislators and Writers Cling Tenaciously to the Canonistic Doctrine.
Burns, "Knox: Scholastic and Canonistic Echoes," in John Knox, ed.