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a specialist in canon law

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The image of Anselm the canonist is developed in the next chapter as well as in the appendices and tables.
Yet in the months the book has been out, there have been no critical rebuttals from canonists nor has anyone agreed to engage the author in debate.
(4.) Panormitanus (Niccol[grave{o}] Tedeschi/Nicholas de Tudeschis, 1368-1445); prominent canonist (taught at Bologna, Parma, Siena, and Florence), author of commentaries on five books of Decretals.
Several of the canonists questioned whether Reynolds was formally excommunicated at all.
For a similar use of ordinare, compare the comments by the twelfth-century canonist Gratian on such an appointment of a monk: "Monachi autem, si in dedicatione sui presbyteratus, sicut ceteri sacerdotes, predicandi, baptizandi, penitentiam dandi, peccata remittendi, beneficiis ecclesiasticis perfruendi rite potestatem accipiant ...
Citing the canonist Frederick Epinge, Hus returned to one of his major themes: "No prelate ought to excommunicate anyone unless he first knows that the person has been excommunicated by God."(47) Hus likewise rejected the use of other ecclesiastical punishments in his time, such as suspension and interdict.
Representatives from universities as well as superiors general of religious orders with their masters of theology were invited to this council by both the cardinals and princes who convoked it.(46) While the superiors general who attended apparently did not bring with them masters of theology, the university delegations included theologians and canonists (e.g., Paris with theologians and canonists, Toulouse and Poitier with canonists).(47)
Several high-ranking cardinals and canonists defended church secrecy, impugning the media for anti-Catholic bias.
It is also present in the Austrian school.(10) Bohm-Bawerk's monumental 1884 publication, History and Critique of Interest Theories, contained chapters such as "Resistance of Economic Practice to the Canonistic Prohibition of Interest," "Victory in the Netherlands of School of Economists Who Approved of Interest," and "Backwardness of the Romance Countries: French Legislators and Writers Cling Tenaciously to the Canonistic Doctrine."(11) He obviously did not find the canonists to be rationally sound.
A liturgical canonist and teacher who had admitted abusing a minor while serving as an associate pastor in the United States is no longer teaching at the Canadian pontifical university where he had been a full professor.
(10) John of Kent was an English canonist who belonged to what is known as the Anglo-Norman school of canon law.
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Joseph Sanders, a canonist, didn't have much personal contact with Mother, but was important adviser of Archbishop Perier in the matter of foundation and MC Constitution.
As a canonist who has examined thousands of failed marriages, I wholeheartedly recommend stronger marriage preparation in parishes that will help couples identify potential problem areas in their upcoming marriages.
He left his role as parish priest in 1979 and began a career as a canonist, participated in the Arabic translation of 1983 Code of Canon Law and became president of the Ecclesiastical Court of Jerusalem in 1988.