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someone paddling a canoe


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A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "Shortly after 11am on Sunday, January 7, emergency services were called to assist a canoeist who had suffered a suspected cardiac arrest on the River Dee close to the Horseshoe Falls near Llangollen.
They added: "The canoeist was with a group of five people when he got into difficultly.
The Iranian canoeist became the first ever Iranian athlete to secure a place on the podium at ICF Canoe Sprint Junior and U23 World Championships.
That double haul made him most successful British canoeist at the Olympics ever, with an additional a bronze at the 2012 London Olympics in the K-2 200 with Schofield.
FLYING HIGH Canoeist David Florence won a silver medal
POLICE probing a tiny island's first thefts since the 1960s say a group of canoeists and a fishing crew could help them crack the case.
The canoeist was critical on arrival at the hospital.
It has fast rapids, gorges, and what canoeists refer to as playful sections.
Twice a week, Meikle made a three-hour round trip to Aberdeen to take the promising young canoeist through practice sessions.
Canoeists are advised to have advanced whitewater experience because of the possibility of large rocks and hazards.
The male canoeist managed to get to the one side of the bank and raise the alarm.
A CANOEIST was fighting for his life last night after he became trapped in a weir on a river.
A Canoeist's Sketchbook is an anthology of canoeing essays written by a dedicated canoeist, covering topics that range from exploring the wilderness, to the joy of paddling, to practical advice for canoeing and camping in remote locations.
A radioactive portion of the craft crashed near a trapper's camp and was found by a canoeist.
The water that sometimes rushes through the canyons - whose sheer walls rise up to 1,500 feet - an be a joy and a terror to the canoeist.