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someone paddling a canoe


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FLYING HIGH Canoeist David Florence won a silver medal
Other canoeists got him out of the water and dragged him to the side.
POLICE probing a tiny island's first thefts since the 1960s say a group of canoeists and a fishing crew could help them crack the case.
A police helicopter flew over Birkenhead after the coastguard raised concerns for the safety of the canoeist.
The canoeist was critical on arrival at the hospital.
It has fast rapids, gorges, and what canoeists refer to as playful sections.
Twice a week, Meikle made a three-hour round trip to Aberdeen to take the promising young canoeist through practice sessions.
Canoeists are advised to have advanced whitewater experience because of the possibility of large rocks and hazards.
The male canoeist managed to get to the one side of the bank and raise the alarm.
A police spokesman said three canoeists were eventually pulled from the water.
A radioactive portion of the craft crashed near a trapper's camp and was found by a canoeist.
The water that sometimes rushes through the canyons - whose sheer walls rise up to 1,500 feet - an be a joy and a terror to the canoeist.
In addition to his expertise in the vineyard, Weerts is an avid canoeist and mountain biker.
YSGOL John Bright welcomed Aberdeen born and Gold medal winning canoeist Tim Baillie to the school recently.
The canoeist had been kayaking with another man in Loch Morar, in Lochaber, on Sunday night, when they ended up in the water.