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introduce a cannula or tube into

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The success of any access depends not only on surgical expertise, but also on the ability of dialysis professionals to initiate dialysis via the access (either by cannulation for hemodialysis or connection for peritoneal dialysis), assess, and provide the routine surveillance to ascertain if the access requires intervention.
The essence of this book is to raise awareness of the advantages of using buttonhole cannulation and how to manage the challenges in implementing this technique.
The permanent cannulation of the different regions of the gastrointestinal tract are experimental techniques used frequently in different animals, like pigs (Laplace and Borgida, 1976; Landers et al, 1989; Pluske et al, 1995), rabbits (Carman and Waynforth, 1984), cattle (Shalk and Amadon, 1928; Ward et al, 1950), buffalos (Mogha and Bhargava, 1979), goats (Cabrera et al, 1980), South American camels--lama and alpaca--(Carcelen, F.
Inadvertent puncture of the carotid artery is a recognised complication of cannulation of the internal jugular vein (1,2).
Validation of competency occurs when the orientee has reviewed and verbalized understanding of any corresponding policies and procedures, and possesses the knowledge and ability to perform IV cannulations in a safe and acceptable manner including the components of accountability and professionalism.
Cannulation of the arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is an essential skill for nephrology nurses working in hemodialysis (HD) units, and it is therefore critical that developing and maintaining cannulation expertise be the focus of renal programs.
It takes approximately 500 guided cannulations to achieve the highest level of competency described above.
Pseudoaneurysm formation in a dialysis access occurs when the access wall is completely destroyed due to multiple cannulations in the same area (commonly seen in graft), when the needle pierces the back or side wall of the vessels, accidentally allowing blood to extravasate, and sometimes can also occur when the needle site is not held appropriately after needle removal--for example, the person is holding the skin insertion site but not putting pressure on the vessel insertion site.
Objective: To compare direct technique with the liquid stylet technique of radial artery cannulation in patients undergoing coronary artery byroms grouping.
All 2048 central venous cannulations made by the internal jugular, external jugular or subclavian routes at Malmo University Hospital, Lund University, Malmo, Sweden, between January 1, 2003, and December 31, 2005, were recorded prospectively in study protocols according to criteria reported below.
Questions pertaining to satisfaction with cannulation/misscannulation and complications resulting from cannulations were also included in the tool (Kosa et al.
A trial of Covidien's Argyle[TM] Fistula cannulas, safety fistula cannula with silicone clamp and safety fistula cannula with anti-reflux valve was undertaken at our major referral hospital in Queensland, with more than 120 cannulations completed in the clinical setting, mainly under ultrasound guidance.
During the six-month follow-up period, only 9% of patients with a vascular access (AVF or AVG) had uncomplicated cannulations with two needles for every treatment, while miscannulations occurred in 31% of patients (van Loon et al.
A survey of the 19 clinics into the reason for recapping and needles being left in the environment revealed a common practice of keeping a used local anaesthetic needle and syringe for further use if it was thought: additional cannulations could be required in the case of new or difficult fistulas.