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introduce a cannula or tube into

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This method is preferred because it provides biventricular support and easy cannulation of the femoral vessels.
* Determine if ultrasound-guided cannulation of AVFs decreased the number of missed cannulations.
They were classified in three groups: (1) patients who underwent uncomplicated cannulations (n=86); (2) patients who required needle repositioning (n=23); and (3) patients who required re-cannulation (more than two needle insertions) (n=6).
In all cases, 0.025-inch guidewires were used for initial cannulations. A total of 49 patients underwent ERCP using the Swing Tip to access the biliary branch, and 50 patients underwent a procedure to exchange a guidewire for a rigid guidewire (Video 1).
One relatively new initiative, which has the potential to decrease some of the issues with cannulation in these frailer vessels, is the introduction of plastic cannulae for AVF cannulation.
Peripheral vein cannulation (PVC) is one of the most frequently performed invasive skills by nurses working in hospitals, with up to 70-80 percent of hospitalised patients requiring medication delivered through a vein cannula [7, 8].
performed an experimental study of the ventricular unloading effect of an LVAD for the following two cannulation sites: from LV to ascending aorta (LVAO) and from LA to ascending aorta (LAAO) [10].
Unrecognized arterial cannulation with subsequent dilation and catheter placement is associated with life-threatening hemorrhage and neurologic complications16.
Cannulation for VA ECMO can be described as either peripheral or central (Figure 2) [3].
It is not known whether the medial wall violations are done during or after pedicle cannulations or if it is possible to cause medial wall breaches after a correct cannulation of the pedicle.
In my survey of the nurses' responses to the innovation, the score for confidence in cannulation was initially very low, but the score improved as more cannulations were successfully completed.
Mechanical complications of central venous cannulations by experienced operators: a prospective study of 1794 catheterisations in critically ill patients.
Additional data collected included number of P1V cannulations per day, number of attempts to successfully achieve access, and time the insertions occurred.
All cannulations were performed by the same anesthesiologist who had equal experience in both techniques.