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introduce a cannula or tube into

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Bedside ultrasound technology for assessment and real-time cannulation of hemodialysis (HD) vascular access (VA) has become standard of practice in several HD units in Canada and worldwide (Schoch, Du Toit, Marticorena, & Sinclair, 2015).
Besides, although antegrade perfusion with axillary cannulation may be enough in the presence of a well-developed collateral circulation, more appropriate perfusion to the upper and lower parts of the body is presumably best accomplished by separate antegrade and retrograde cannulation.
Moreover, it will give nephrologists and dialysis centers the ability to prescribe the most optimal cannulation method for each patient, regardless of clinic staffing or patients' anatomical limitations.
Due to the small sample size (n=10), generalizations cannot be assumed to be representative of all nephrology nurses performing AVF cannulations.
After induction, right internal jugular vein cannulation was attempted using an 18 gauge cannula and a standard landmark guided technique.
Methods: Twenty-five nurses and 29 patients completed questionnaires at four times throughout the three-month study period, rating their confidence levels about BH cannulation issues.
All 2048 central venous cannulations made by the internal jugular, external jugular or subclavian routes at Malmo University Hospital, Lund University, Malmo, Sweden, between January 1, 2003, and December 31, 2005, were recorded prospectively in study protocols according to criteria reported below.
The goal in the development of PunctSURE was to give clinicians a tool that allows them to visually locate veins and arteries and then provides the means to guide the needle to the correct place the first time during vessel cannulation procedures," said Bradley J.
Marking an advance in the widespread distribution of rapid pain relief from procedures involving venipuncture, intravenous cannulation and laser ablation of superficial skin lesions, Vyteris, Inc.
Specifically, the mean number of cannulations attempted per treatment was 2.
A rat model is also advantageous for ALS research because of its larger size relative to a mouse, making it more conducive to surgical techniques and cannulations.
They feel that this is a sufficient amount of time for the vein wall to become strong enough to sustain multiple cannulations and to have grown large enough to adequately accommodate the diameter of a hemodialysis needle.
Automatic needle protection -- Bloodless IV starts -- Built-in optional Heparin/Saline lock -- Revolutionary new flash chamber -- Simplified training -- Sterile cannulations assured -- Safe and easy blood draws/samples -- Additional proximal injection port -- Optimized design features including no looping, better sensitivity, easier injections etc.
The break-in period is the time necessary to create the tunnel track or establish good buttonhole sites, and is estimated to take anywhere from three to four weeks or six to nine cannulations to form (Ball, 2006; Marticorena, Hunter, MacLeod, Petershofer, Dacouris, Donnelly et al.