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the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ

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All eligible patients were randomly assigned (1:1:1:1:1) to receive balloon dilation for 0, 30, 60, 180, or 300 s after deep bile duct cannulation. Randomization was performed by an independent statistician using a computer-generated randomization list, stratified by center.
We thought that the development of the neurovascular complications after cannulation of the femoral artery and vein due to exceed compartment presure in patient's undergoing ECMO.
Here, we present a patient provided with lower extremity reperfusion by superficial femoral artery cannulation.
and various procedure related factors including difficult cannulation, precut sphincterotomy, pancreatic duct contrast injection, balloon sphincteroplasty and many more4.
Ultrasound-guided cannulation to establish peripheral intravenous (IV) access can decrease the number missed cannulations and time to successful cannulation (Brannam, Blaivas, Lyon, & Flake, 2004; Brauman, Braude, & Crandall, 2009).
Although ultrasound use has become the standard of care in many HD units around the world, its use in guided cannulation is limited to cannulation of new or complicated accesses.
[2] The combined use of ultrasound and transduction may further reduce the incidence of carotid cannulation. [3] This may prove invaluable in centres without vascular or interventional radiology support.
Previous studies have revealed a recanalization success rate of 76% and intrauterine pregnancy rate of 39% following laparoscopy-assisted hysteroscopic tubal cannulation [3, 6, 7].
reported the efficacy of the Swing Tip for selective cannulation during ERCP [6].
She did develop acute kidney injury (AKI) prior to ECLS cannulation, further exacerbating her pulmonary edema.
Studies in anesthesia, the intensive care setting, and the emergency department have demonstrated that ultrasonographic guidance for the insertion of internal jugular vein central lines can lead to a decrease in complications, number of attempts, and cannulation time and improve overall success when compared to the landmark method [6-8].
There are no studies evaluating the effect of smelling amniotic fluid, which may be considered useful in reducing pain and increasing comfort during peripheral cannulation in premature infants.
One relatively new initiative, which has the potential to decrease some of the issues with cannulation in these frailer vessels, is the introduction of plastic cannulae for AVF cannulation.
In the current study, researchers used a technique called 4-Flow cannulation, which introduces solution not just into the arteries but into the veins' network of the heart.