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introduce a cannula or tube into

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For many years, renal nurses have been cannulating 'blind', leading to miscannulation and infiltration of the vessels, particularly in new AVFs (Lee, Barker & Allon, 2006).
She often takes a clinical role to help out when the ward is busy, ranging from triage, patient personal hygiene, medication administration to procedures like cannulating, catheter insertion, wound dressings, even attending to doctors' rounds.
High take-off of the coronary arteries may cause difficulty in cannulating the vessels during coronary arteriography.
Patients referred for coronary catheterization that had a feeble radial pulse or attempt at cannulating radial artery failed were considered for transbrachial catheterization.
Bosses have also introduced new airways equipment to help patients with breathing difficulties and new cannulating equipment which allows a tube to be inserted into the body to administer drugs or drain off blood or fluids.
A pancreatogram was done after cannulating the pancreatic duct through the major papilla.
Equally, a 5Fr paediatric feeding tube can be used for operative pancreatography by cannulating the ampulla of Vater.
BAL was performed 24 h after the last antigen challenge by cannulating the trachea under ketamine anaesthesia and washing with 0.
Ischemia was induced in Sprague Dawley rats by cannulating the femoral vein by means of the MCAO intraluminal filament method, as previously described (8).
6) Sialography may be attempted by cannulating the Wharton duct to confirm the agenesis of the submandibular gland.
Treatment options may include: Phlebotomy (removing blood through cannulating a vein, similar to giving blood);
10) Treatment of sialoliths involves removing the stone and cannulating and flushing the duct to ensure patency.
Of the repeat procedures, eight were due to retained stones and three were necessary because of difficulties cannulating the common bile duct; four patients required two repeats and one patient three repeats.