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introduce a cannula or tube into

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Nurses who have attained advanced competency in the use of bedside ultrasound can function independently and can assess and cannulate accesses of varied complexity to allow for initiation of hemodialysis therapy safely and in a timely fashion.
The HD nurse utilizes the portable ultrasound to cannulate a phantom model in real-time in the presence of the instructor (at least 10 times or until all are demonstrated):
The appropriate time to cannulate an arteriovenous fistula or graft is a question that is debated by nephrology nurses, nephrologists and surgeons throughout the world.
* If using buttonhole techniques in the clinic setting, it is best to have the same person cannulate the access consistently (cannulator) to establish the buttonhole tunnel This increases the likelihood of maintaining the same angle and placement of the needles so that the buttonhole is efficiently established.
An example of this is when a nurse cannulates a patient's vascular access in the same site that has been suggested by the patient over and over again despite knowing that the rotation of cannulation sites will help to ensure the long-term patency of the access.
Their data indicated that the buttonhole method offers an easier cannulation with less "bad sticks;" this benefits patients with limited cannulation sites or with fistulae that are difficult to cannulate.