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introduce a cannula or tube into

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When considering fixation for displaced femoral neck fractures, the most widely accepted options are either cannulated screws or a sliding hip screw construct.
Dave, from Amble, added: "Children usually get hysterical when they are cannulated but she was so calm and let us do everything we needed to do.
Methods: We reviewed 52 patients (30 males, 22 females) who were treated with multiple cannulated screws fixation for FNFs.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: The present work on "A Study of Internal fixation of Intracapsular fracture neck of femur in adults by Multiple Cannulated Cancellous Lag Screws" is carried out during the years 2011 to 2014.
Selected a suitable length cannulated screws and inserted along the guiding wires while the angle and depth of the guiding wires were adjusted appropriately.
The OrthoFuzIon System consists of a platinum plated cannulated titanium bone screw and silver plated nitinol insert that fits into the inner lumen of the screw cannula.
All screws are color-coded according to their diameter, cannulated, fenestrated, self-cutting and self-drilling.
In this technique we have utilized the principle of tension band wiring over a cannulated cancellous screw by transosseous route with full restoration of intra articular anatomy.
A modified technique, the Kocher-Langenbeck approach, for open reduction of the femoral neck fracture using antegrade guide pins and retrograde cannulated screws fixation can resolute this situation in one stage.
INTERNAL FIXATION DEVICES Reconstructive foot surgery now uses a variety of devices for precision and strength, including cannulated screws that can slide down a wire to an exact location; headless screws, which can be made flush with the bone; and plates that are each designed to fit a specific joint in the foot.
Two needle sleeve options are offered--one with a blind stop for cannulated applications and the other for use with stereotaxic holders--each with adjustable needle exposure of 0 to 20 mm.
Methods: One hundred consecutive paediatric patients up to the age of 12 years were cannulated in the radial artery using two methods of arterial cannulation randomly.
It is obvious that RVB had been cannulated during CAG, and it was misinterpreted as a non-dominant RCA.
Both of these guidelines recommend that an arteriovenous fistula not be cannulated before four weeks and that arteriovenous grafts not be cannulated before 14 days.