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introduce a cannula or tube into

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Based on our study, we conclude that posterior approach is easier to cannulate as compared to anterior approach in terms of number of attempts, time taken for identifying the vein and duration for cannulation.
4 Fr cobra catheter was used to selectively cannulate right iliac artery branch.
Furthermore, patients desired a superficial access in the forearm that was easy to cannulate, had minimal effect on their appearance, enabled arm comfort during dialysis, and provided quick homeostasis after dialysis.
During training Mary struggled with managing the machine set-up but was, however, able to cannulate her fistula independently.
Nurses who have attained advanced competency in the use of bedside ultrasound can function independently and can assess and cannulate accesses of varied complexity to allow for initiation of hemodialysis therapy safely and in a timely fashion.
Is it more difficult to cannulate the right internal jugular vein in morbidly obese patients than in nonobese patients Obes Surg.
As well as looking after my patients, I was also required to catheterise and cannulate a patient for an eighth year-plus RN.
A 6-Fr three-dimension (3D) right catheter was used to cannulate the right coronary artery (RCA) via right femoral artery sheath.
In 17 patients, no abnormal hypertrophied artery was found despite meticulous attempts to localize and cannulate relevant bronchial and nonbronchial systemic arteries.
Size--Larger veins are easier to cannulate and are the best choice.
I use 5 French yellow stents to cannulate the ureters and a 6 French blue stent for the fistula itself.
We report a case of difficult cannulation where a dynamic two-dimensional (2D) ultrasound technique was employed to successfully cannulate the vessel after a palpation technique attempt resulted in extrusion of an intravascular guidewire through the vessel wall.
Great skill is required to successfully cannulate the adrenal veins, especially the right one, which is smaller and shorter than the left and usually empties into the inferior vena cava rather than the renal vein.
In other words, the left Judkins catheter can be used to cannulate the right-sided morphologically left coronary artery.
Esophageal dilators were used to cannulate the esophagus, demonstrating the course of the esophagus relative to the trachea and aorta.