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introduce a cannula or tube into

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The HD nurse utilizes the portable ultrasound to cannulate good functioning VA in real time in patients (at least three times in a fistula and three times in a graft):
We then use an Amplatz left-1 diagnostic catheter (6F) to cannulate and draw blood samples from the coronary sinus (n = 77).
In this example, area A represents increased procedural risk for practice patients, in terms of both the consequences of failure to cannulate and the complications suffered by the patients, as described previously.
I know how to read pulmonary capillary wedge pressures, defibrillate, triage, dialyse, intubate, cannulate, aspirate, rehabilitate, palliate, and attend to the deceased.
It may be better than the Essure device simply because it doesn't require as much manipulation and the whole device is altogether shorter and easier to put in and cannulate, he said.
A ureterocele occurs when two ureteral buds are present and form a balloon at the end of the upper pole ureter, with a tiny hole that doesn't drain well and doesn't cannulate.
The concept is simple: Cannulate different locations to reduce the risk of weakening a particular area of the graft.
Ross stated, "For the difficult to cannulate fistula, the standard of care may have been changed by the VWING.
s (2010) study included the lack of fistulas to cannulate, the fistula as a "hard sell" to patients, the skill of cannulation, and the "assembly line" approach to care.
Hence, without attempting to cannulate the left IJV, which could have compromised cerebral venous drainage, the left subclavian vein was cannulated under real-time ultrasound guidance.
Implant failures are more often due to markedly enlarged right atrium along with severe tricuspid regurgitation and the accompanying distortion of the coronary sinus (CS) ostium leading to inability to cannulate the ostium or insufficient support by the guiding catheter.
He uses a small (3 or 5) French sheath needle that goes through the working channel of an ordinary cystoscope to cannulate into the bladder wall.
That means you can cannulate the thoracic duct known to be full of lymph-containing B cells, which are important in rejection.