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a small flexible tube inserted into a body cavity for draining off fluid or introducing medication

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Caption: Figure 1: A) Diagrammatic representation of cannulae, ultrasound scanning plane and radial artery cross section as seen in the accompanying sonogram.
The cannulae are prescribed only by specialists trained in their insertion and they are signed off by a doctor.
CalMed"), a manufacturer of high quality cardiovascular cannulae, for $14 million.
Commercially available wire-reinforced arterial cannulae are used to return the blood into the patient's systemic circulation by way of the femoral arterial system.
During arthroscopic procedures, cannulae provide sterile pathways to the joint surgeons will treat.
Our patients live longer healthier lives compared to those using nasal cannulae because transtracheal oxygen therapy is so efficient," said John Goodman, BS, RRT, TransTracheal Systems Vice President of Technical and Professional Services.
Eagle manufactures one of the largest selections of Ophthalmic Cannulae available today, to include a wide variety of Ophthalmic Products encompassing; Surgical Knives, Vitreoretinal Products, Ophthalmic Drapes, Fluid Administration Sets, I.
Contract notice: Intravenous Cannulae and Associated Products.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- United States Surgical Corporation's (NYSE: USS) Vascular Therapies Division today announced that it has signed a worldwide product development, sales and distribution agreement with Chase Medical, LP for cannulae and ancillary products used in cardiovascular surgery.
This new cannula, partially comprised of a Hemashield(R) graft, is smaller in size than prior BVS cannulae and allows proper blood flow to be maintained.
1 position in cannulae and its other innovative, physician-preference products for interventional radiology will significantly extend what we believe to be the world's broadest product line for use in cardiac surgery.
The SoftClamp(tm) Arterial Cannula is specially designed with a unique angle, giving surgeons a clearer operative field of view than with conventional open-chest cannulae.