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a serviceman in the artillery

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Insightful glimpses of cannoneers, horse wranglers, and armorers instruct youth on the types of skilled labor involved in nineteenth-century warfare.
Artillerists, cannoneers, gunners--whatever title they assume--are a unique phylum of mankind.
We follow the conflict in Georgia from 1780 (when 17-year-old William Hunter joins the Cannoneers under Sergeant Ash) to his dramatic escape.
There's no question it exudes a pungent sulfuric smell (a property that early clerics were quick to take notice of in their condemnation of cannons and cannoneers, equating the reek of brimstone with things diabolical), produces copious quantities of white smoke (a real drag on the battlefield) and leaves considerable fouling, which can affect loading, accuracy and cleaning.
(Hooked onto Douglas's campaign special was a flatcar with a small brass howitzer to provide his own salutes, and two cannoneers improbably dressed in red militia shirts and "wearing cavalry sabers.") All of this gave Douglas the opportunity to radiate "success and sunshine; there was a strut of superiority in his gait; an appearance of general prosperity in his demeanor." But Douglas's finest--and most expensive--moments came in the face-to-face receptions hosted for him in the towns where he stopped overnight to make full-length speeches.
A Louisiana artilleryman busily manning his piece wrote that he watched the Southern infantry advance past his position after he and his fellow cannoneers had fired for twenty minutes.
As soldiers, they are cannoneers, forward observers, tankers, and scouts.
Fire support Soldiers would fill the positions as mortarmen, similar to 13B cannoneers, and mortar fire direction centers' (FDCs) Soldiers would be staffed similar to the 13E MOS.
This did not sit well with producers who accused the cannoneers of "blowing the clouds onto another's land." And you wonder why we love Italy.